An Interior Decorating service that’s affordable?

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It’s been a long-time in the works, but earlier this month we rolled out our newest service “Decorating Solutions” and the response so far has been tremendous!


Since 1928, customers have come in to our showroom and our extremely talented and knowledgable staff have worked with them to select the right furniture for their home and lifestyle – but 95% of the time we only worked with customers only in our showroom. Now, with Decorating Solutions, we can go to your home, office, beach house, or wherever!  W
e’ve simplified the entire process for you and makes it incredibly easy and affordable to work with one of our specialists!

Presently we have 3 Decorating Solutions specialists on staff:  Maria CapobiancoJennifer Ware, and Katie Zanzarov.  By clicking on their names you’ll see their page where you can contact them and also watch a video where you can get to know them!

jwgf_500408009_664x315Wether you’re on a strict budget trying to figure out just what you want to do, working with a small space or an entire house, Decorating Solutions will be able to help you create the home of your dreams. Our team can provide basic suggestions or complete floor plans with every detail attended to.

Explore our new Decorating Solutions program!

It’s your home… shouldn’t it be everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

ps – don’t miss our latest edition of Casa – See, Love, Shop!  It’s 58 pages of beauty and inspiration for your home.




Cardi’s Furniture partners with h.a. Fisher Homes for Reynolds Farm

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Model Living Room - Furnished by Cardi's Furniture

h.a. Fisher Homes and Cardi’s Furniture have partnered to furnish three model homes at Reynolds Farm in North Kingstown. Reynolds Farm is a community of more than 200 homes that is being created off of Post Road. It is designed and built by h.a. Fisher Homes, Rhode Island’s exclusive Woman-Centric homebuilder.

The first three model homes of Reynolds Farm, furnished by Cardi’s Furniture, furniture design by Jody Disarro (Cardi’s Furniture, Rt. 2 West Warwick) are now open to the public for tours & viewing! In addition, Cardi’s is offering exclusive design services for homebuyers of Reynolds Farm.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cardi’s. Not only do we respect their successful family business, we appreciate that they have fully embraced the Woman-Centric design concept of Reynolds Farm. In addition to providing furniture for the model homes, Cardi’s is offering exceptional service to our homebuyers. This will include expert guidance from a Cardi’s professional, specific to the home style the buyers choose in Reynolds Farm,” said Hugh Fisher, founder and president of h.a. Fisher Homes.

Living Room at Reynolds Farm - Furnished by Cardi's Furniture

When it is completed, Reynolds Farms will include a mix of single-family homes, single-level condominiums and live-work townhomes that will range in size from 1,500 to 2,100-plus square feet. Reynolds Farm is one of the largest developments to be undertaken in the state of Rhode Island in the last 50 years.

A highlight of the single-family homes is the inclusion of an optional Casita, a private space that includes a separate entrance, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Designed for multi-generational living, Casitas can be used by retiring parents, post-college adult children or other family members.

All of the homes are Woman-Centric, a design concept that thoughtfully incorporates a woman’s point of view to include ample storage space, flexibility in the usage of space, abundant open space for easy entertaining and designated spaces for relaxation.

Prices are expected to start in the low $300,000’s. Reynolds Farm follows the success of other h.a. Fisher Homes communities including Hidden Oaks and Wyndermere in Warwick and Deer Brook Estates in Exeter.

Reynolds Farm is exclusively marketed by The Stone Alliance, a top-producing sales team affiliated with the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage office in Warwick.

Visit Cardi’s Furniture to purchase these beautiful looks for your home and for more information about Reynolds Farm, please contact Stephen Marsocci at (401) 623-1419 or

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Taking Your Cat Nap in Style

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A guide to the best in snooze-friendly furniture

The endless functionality of daybeds makes them the perfect addition to any room

Where do you head when the day starts to drag on and you desperately need to nap for 20 minutes? Daybeds, futons and sleeper sofas all offer comfortable sleeping space for those times when a quick catnap is all you require to replenish your energy reserves.


The biggest advantage of a daybed is that it can be used as is. There’s nothing to unfold or pull out, so the mattress is in one piece with no bumpy spots from being scrunched up inside the furniture. You don’t have to worry about allowing for extra space unless you choose a daybed with a trundle option that rolls out from under the main seat to expand the sleeping area. When you’re not napping, daybeds are great couches. Dual functionality makes them a good choice for small spaces, and styles ranging from rugged to contemporary harmonize with any type of decor.


Another way to add both a couch and a bed to a small space is to bring in a futon. Futons are perfect for teen and young adult bedrooms since they offer a place to sit, sleep or simply hang out. You can also stick one in your living room to add seating and sleeping space. The best thing about futons, though, is their versatility. Some slide out to become full- or queen-sized beds, while others fold down at the ends to create a twin bed.

Sleeper Sofas

Unlike daybeds and futons, sleeper sofas are couches first and beds second. However, that doesn’t make the bed any less useful or comfortable. A sleeper sofa is the perfect solution when you need space for guests but don’t have a dedicated guest room. All you have to do when you have visitors is pull out the bed, make it up with a comfortable bedding set and add a few pillows. In the morning, it goes right back to being a couch. This versatility also saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase a separate sofa and guest bed. Modern sleeper sofas look just like regular sofas and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Whichever of these furniture pieces you choose for your home, you can find just the right design to fit your needs at Cardi’s. Visit our website or, if you’re in the MA and RI area, come check out our furniture stores for a selection of the best beds to support your sleep, accommodate guests or give your home a touch of modern style.

Paradise on a Kitchen Island

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Tips and tricks to make this versatile culinary accessory work for your kitchen

Kitchen islands supply that much-needed extra counter space

Think about a typical dinner at your house. Do you approach the meal with ease, always able to find the tools you need to prepare your chosen dish, or are you always frustrated because there’s simply not enough room for you and your family to comfortably work around each other? If the latter sounds familiar, it may be time to install a kitchen island. These fixtures provide additional counter and storage space in a variety of styles that work in any kitchen.

Fixed Islands

This island layout is most often seen in open-plan kitchens. It functions as an extension of your existing counter space. Islands typically stand in the center of the kitchen and may be square, rectangular, L-shaped or a customized shape that fits the space available. Underneath, there’s enough room for cabinets and drawers or even a miniature refrigerator or wine cooler. Large, lengthy fixed islands can be paired with counter-height stools or bar chairs to create an extra eating area that’s perfect for breakfast, snacks or parties.

Rolling Islands

If you’re always going here and there in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take the countertop with you? Kitchen islands on rolling castors are the answer when you need mobile counter space. In addition to allowing you to prep food in any part of the room, these islands often include storage space such as cabinets, drawers, slots for knives, and hooks for hanging other utensils. A movable kitchen island is also a great asset if you like to cook outside in the summer; simply roll it out onto the patio when prep time comes around and bring it back inside when the meal is over.

Island Tables

Putting kitchen islands and dining tables together creates a unique layout that gives your kitchen a compact yet comfortable feeling. You might consider adding an extendable table to your existing kitchen island or putting in a kitchen island that can function as a table with the addition of chair or bench seating. Both save space without compromising the design or the size of preparation area they provide. Working-height tables are tall like countertops but have the style of a dining table so you get the best of both worlds. This may be the best option when you have a small kitchen or dining area that needs more work space.

You can’t really go wrong when you add a kitchen island to your home. Visit Cardi’s online to see our selection of these beautiful, versatile fixtures, or come and visit our MA and RI furniture stores for a closer look.

Entertaining IQ: Raise the Bar on Home Décor

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Bars are great functional and stylish pieces for entertaining guests

Once an essential in stylish new homes, the wet bar is no longer a standard part of every floor plan. While you might not have one in your house right now, a bar can substantially increase the entertainment value of your space while providing extra storage. Choosing a wet bar and coordinating stools or chairs is a great way to bring something new to your home without breaking the bank.

Raising the Bar in Your Home

Renovating an unused wet bar in your home or installing a new wet bar can provide an easy way to make over a kitchen or entertaining area by adding a piece to your home that’s fun and useful. Because wet bars are incredibly functional, you can get use out of one even if you don’t plan to serve alcoholic drinks from it. Completing a wet bar area with a sink and small refrigerator makes serving drinks and small food items to dinner and party guests a breeze.

The Right Bar, the Right Place

If you’ve decided that you’d like to add a wet bar to your home or make over your current bar area, you’re likely tempted to head right out to your local furniture stores and start shopping. Before you check out all the wet bars to be found in MA and RI, take some time to decide where and how you’ll use a bar. Picking a location is key because you’ll need to take precise measurements and decide what color paint or finish will best coordinate with your space.

After you’ve picked a location for your wet bar, take time to think of how you’ll arrange everything. You might want to back your bar up against a sink area to allow for easy washing of drink glasses. Perhaps you’d prefer to situate your bar against a wall and invite your guests to mix drinks for themselves. Choosing the right placement for your bar requires choosing a layout that will complement your current decor scheme without taking up too much space.

In addition to picking a striking bar, you should also think about seating. If you’re placing your wet bar in an area with a lot of open space, you might consider using bistro tables and chairs to add extra seating. If you’re focused on saving space while adding function, either go without chairs or opt for barstools. In addition to adding seating for parties, barstools and wet bars can also double as a fun breakfast or brunch spot.

A wet bar can add functionality and entertainment value to any home. Explore your wet bar options today when you stop by and chat with the friendly, decor-wise professionals at Cardi’s. Contact us today.

The Fastest Makeover Around: Using Sensational Sectionals to Rearrange Your World

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Sectionals give you a variety of options when arranging furniture

Making over a room in a few minutes might seem like a mere fantasy, but some furniture pieces are so flexible that they allow homeowners to create totally new looks in practically no time at all. Among the most versatile of all furnishings are sectionals, which provide the convenience of multiple couches in matched pairs or sets. When you choose a sectional for your home, you’re enjoying the ultimate in decor flexibility.

Expand Decor Possibilities With Sectionals

For many homeowners, sectionals might seem too large or bulky to be convenient. However, sectionals provide for great seating possibilities whether you rent a small apartment or own a sprawling estate in MA and RI. Sectionals can be used to create seating space without making your rooms appear small, making them one of the most space-efficient furniture choices around.

Sectionals do a lot more than just offer seating. They also provide an easy way to structure a room. For a large living room, sectionals can be used to define separate seating areas or to create an adults-only space. For more compact spaces, sectionals can be used to demarcate boundaries between open spaces such as the living room and dining room. Of course, these types of couches are also ideal for homeowners who are working with small spaces but enjoy entertaining.

How to Use Sectionals in Any Space

There’s a big difference between looking at designs with sectionals in furniture stores and actually translating these designs to your own home. When it comes to using sectionals in your space, deciding what effect you want to create is essential to understanding how you can use sectionals. Before you start moving your sectionals around, take time to sketch out a plan. Remember that it’s never necessary to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.

If you’d like to create the appearance of a larger space, try moving sectionals back towards walls and minimize space between the various pieces. It’s also essential to stick to simple, geometric layouts for sectional pieces in smaller areas. If you’d like to create separate areas within one larger space, use the sectional and coordinate it with side tables to create a square or rectangular seating area. For a gallery atmosphere, scatter sectional pieces around a larger space at diagonal angles.

Creating successful home designs with sectionals means choosing high-quality furnishings suited to your personal sense of style. The design-savvy pros at Cardi’s Furniture know how to help every shopper find striking, versatile furnishings. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right sectional for your home. Contact us today.

Dining Table Solutions for Small Spaces

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dining furniture ma ri

Decorating small rooms calls for creativity. Sure, you’ll often hear that smaller rooms need light colors and small furniture, but why settle for following bland rules when you can create a spectacular presentation by breaking them? A case in point is the dining room. Whether you have a corner in a studio apartment, a dining nook in your kitchen or a cozy little dining room in an equally snug home, you can create a fabulous look that lives much larger than its size simply by making the right selections.

First, consider the table. While a rectangle may be the usual choice for a dining room table, think beyond the ordinary. Giving the room the illusion of greater space, a round table is a nice counterpoint to the straight lines of walls and floors. This shape also accommodates the surprise extra guest quite easily.

For an even more spacious feel, try a drop-leaf table. Although drop-leaf tables come in many different styles and shapes, they all have side panels that collapse when not in use and instantly shorten the length of the table. The big advantage here is versatility. With the leaves down, the table can become a side table, a serving table or even a bistro table just for two. Raise the leaves, and you have a more expansive, inviting surface for dinner parties.

You might also consider a table with removal leaves. Created to expand for the seating of extra people and to contract at other times, this table can do double duty as a card table or game table. Taking innovation a bit further, you might also use this table without the leaves as a workspace, effectively turning your dining room into an office as needed.

The table you select for your dining room has to work for the ways you use that room, accommodate your entertainment habits, and most importantly of all, reflect your personal design aesthetic. Whatever appeals to you is what’s right. It all begins with the table.

Are you unsure of where to begin? For more tips on decorating small dining rooms, stop by one of the Cardi’s Furniture showrooms in MA or RI. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will use their decorating expertise to help you navigate our impressive variety of dining furniture and make the absolute most out of your space. You can also browse our inventory online.

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