Tips for Protecting Fabric Upholstery

March 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Whether you’re seeking fabric upholstery pieces from furniture stores in RI or furniture stores in MA, understanding proper upholstery care can extend the life of your purchase. When purchasing furniture, comfort, style, price and ease of care are issues to consider. Some types of upholstery are easier to keep clean than others. However, using the proper preventative techniques is the best way to keep the material looking its best.Furniture stores RI

Upholstery Care Kit
Cardi’s offers an upholstery care kit for cleaning and freshening that can be purchased in-store. Manufacturers may also treat the upholstery at the warehouse. Cardi’s also provides warranties on their fabric upholstery pieces. Talk to a Cardi’s store representative to find out more about warranties and protective treatments.

Professional Fabric Cleaning
In addition to vacuuming the upholstery regularly and using an upholstery care kit, it is important to opt for intensive cleaning when necessary. It is easy to rent a steam cleaner, but you will receive optimal results by allowing a professional to do the job. A good professional will do a spot test and verbalize any anticipated problems prior to starting. If there are animals in the home, ask about special pet treatments that prevent odors. Professionals can also recommend regular odor-reducing supplements.

There are plenty of slipcover styles for popular models of sofas, love seats and chairs. These handy items are perfect for occasions where many guests or kids will be using the furniture. They can easily be removed and most are machine washable. Slipcovers are also good to use when pets are shedding heavily. The cost of slipcovers usually depends on the quality of fabric used.

If fabric upholstery is properly maintained, it can retain its natural beauty for many years. Individual lifestyle and fabric maintenance are the two most important considerations when choosing upholstery.

What steps do you take in caring for fabric upholstery?


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