Bringing the Past to 2012: Elements of Traditional Furniture Design

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Each piece of traditional furniture has a classic look that allows its appeal to survive forever. Pieces are inspired by the Renaissance, Victorian and colonial eras. However, slight modifications are made to make such pieces blend better with mixed or modern styles. Pieces that are primarily traditional in style are a hot trend for 2012. The following tips provide a few helpful ways of achieving a modern yet classic look.

furniture Rhode Island MassachusettsThink Tudor
The large and heavy furniture pieces from the old world command attention. They mix well with deep rich colors and are a great way to create a sophisticated look. Extra stretchers under tables and nail-head trims are also appearing in more households. For the perfect touch, add some tailored lines and menswear patterns in accompanying curtains or fabrics.

Make It Personal
One thing that is true of traditional furniture replicas is that they mirror pieces that were once unique. Since original pieces were made by hand, they were customized to reflect the taste of the carpenter or buyer. Intricate wood details, special stitching patterns and multi-colored staining techniques are appearing more prevalent in 2012. Mixing more than one type of textile is also a new trend for traditional furniture.

Go Green
Eco-friendly materials and supplies are hot commodities for traditional styles. With increased awareness of heightened environmental threats, more people are wisely choosing materials that can be recycled or will not become landfill hazards.

MA RI furnitureModular & Minimal
While many traditional furniture pieces were surrounded by elaborate decorations of the past, modern items are surrounded by minimal decor and plenty of open space. Modular sofas, tables and other pieces are very popular for redecorating in 2012.

Cardi’s furniture stores in RI and furniture stores in MA sell great traditionally-inspired pieces. The most important thing to remember about this style of furniture is that it should be used to reflect the person buying it. Each piece of furniture can create a different atmosphere inside a home, and each piece has its own personality. Redecorating a room to create a style all your own is a great project idea for 2012.

What do you love most about traditional design?


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