Want Better Sleep in 2012? Find Your Perfect Mattress!

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Shopping for a new mattress can be an uncertain venture. With more types of mattresses available than ever before, the days of “one size fits all” are long gone.

Mattresses come in a wide range of costs, so it is important to determine the budget available for the mattress before purchase.

The following questions are a good place to start when deciding on your ideal mattress: Should the mattress be firm or soft? Should it offer plenty of support, or should it yield to the body on top of it? What mattress size is needed? Are you a side, stomach or back sleeper?

Another important question: is the mattress intended for one or two people? Mattress type can make all the difference in mattress stores ma, mattress store ri, mattresses mathe world if a person’s sleeping partner tosses and turns all night.

What maintenance is required for the mattress? Some mattresses (conventional inner spring) should be rotated and flipped on a regular basis; other mattresses (e.g., foam mattresses) do not require being rotated or flipped.

Many different mattress types are available. Besides the traditional inner spring mattresses, Cardi’s has mattresses that are made with the latest technologies, including memory foam and latex mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses mold to the body’s shape, reducing pressure and providing relief. Memory foam mattresses have only been available in the U.S. market in the past 10-15 years, but this style of mattress is rapidly increasing in popularity because of its effectiveness in providing a good night’s sleep.

Latex mattresses are also rapidly growing in popularity, partly due to their comfort but also to their eco-friendly nature. Latex mattresses are an excellent choice for sleepers with allergies; the mattresses are naturally anti-microbial. They are also comfortable, providing a cushion that is buoyant and resilient, yet supportive.

Are you uncertain about which mattress to buy? Come to Cardi’s furniture stores in RI or MA, where we can help you determine which mattress will best suit your sleep patterns. We make mattress shopping easy by selling a wide variety of styles and brands.

After all, isn’t it about time you had a good night’s sleep?


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