Plan Ahead for Your Home Theater

April 25, 2012 § 3 Comments

Technology in home theater systems is constantly changing. Planning ahead can save you money when you’re ready to upgrade to a new TV or video game console for your Massachusetts or Rhode Island home. Furniture that suits your entertainment systems and accessories may not be suitable when you upgrade in the future. Consider the different elements you might want to add in later as an upgrade. Instead of buying a piece of furniture that limits the size of your home entertainment system, consider buying pieces of furniture that will accommodate different TVs, speakers or gaming systems.

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When it comes to TVs, you might dream of buying a 46-inch high definition television (HDTV). If you can only afford a smaller model right now, buy a console with an open shelf top. This open-ended style offers room to grow and is available at Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI. Use the extra space on the sides for DVD storage for now. Move the accessories elsewhere when you upgrade to the larger TV. Another option is a TV stand. Some HDTV stands are adjustable for flat panel models up to 60 inches. This would likely accommodate the present model and the dream replacement as well.

Console Video Games and Storage
New gaming systems are introduced almost every year. Leave plenty of shelf space in the cabinets for video games and accessories. Look for adjustable shelves. Change the shelf space for a better fit when you buy the newest in gaming technology. Another option is to move the older gaming system to an entertainment center in another room with a smaller TV, putting the new system into the existing space.

Be sure to plan ahead for a collection of devices, movies and video games. At Cardi’s furniture stores in RI and MA, you can choose from a variety of styles that will fit today’s collection and the latest in tomorrow’s technology.


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