Choosing Color Palettes for Your Spring 2012 Décor

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

furniture store MA, mattress stores rhode island, cape cod furniture, rhode island furniture, mattress stores massachusettsAnyone who wants to update their home or apartment for the spring can do so by incorporating soft, playful colors with classic furniture pieces. Spring is a great time to rejuvenate the look of a tired or gloomy room. Great spring decor palettes borrow from the natural environment and lend a light, airy feel. Such palettes can also be used to make small rooms seem larger.

When picking spring color palettes, it’s essential to create balance by utilizing neutral tones such as seashell, off white, cream or buff. The use of a neutral colors will highlight the depth of pastels without allowing them to become overbearing. Some may wish to use a metallic tone, such as silver or a light gold, in place of a neutral. This works particularly well with two-tone pinks, blues and greens.

A great spring color palette should use at least three colors. Match a pastel green and light pink with a glossy eggshell for a palette evocative of fresh blooms. Use sea-foam green, pastel blue and gentle silver for an ephemeral, seaside feel. One of the best ways to incorporate a spring palette into a room is through the use of throw pillows, draperies and rugs. Choose decor items from a color palette and use them with neutral-colored furnishings from Cardi’s furniture stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

In addition to adding simple decorative touches, you may want to visit Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI to purchase new pieces. Spring furnishings should be upholstered in light-colored fabrics or leather. It’s best to purchase elegant furniture that can be used year after year. Look for pieces with solid, classic lines. Follow the general aesthetic style of a room when purchasing seasonal furniture. For example, a modern home is best paired with simplistic modern furniture and a traditional home pairs well with a more traditional design.

Bedroom will also benefit from a freshening-up by adding soft spring colors that promote restful sleep. For even more comfort, consider visiting a Cardi’s furniture/mattress store in MA or RI. When decorating, choose neutral or pastel bedspreads and pillows. Add extra accents to a bedroom with metallic lampshades and new draperies. Vases in buffs or whites with pretty pastel tulips or bright bamboo shoots add the finishing spring touch to any room.

How do you bring spring elements into your décor?


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