Preserve and Display Your Dinnerware with Stunning China Cabinetry

May 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

furniture stores in ma, furniture in massachusetts, furniture ma, furniture RI, furniture stores in rhode islandYou may think that a nice china cabinet is only appropriate if you have fine china, but today, china cabinets are popular for storing any type of dishware. China cabinets can showcase fancy table settings, but they’re also a convenient way to keep dishes and plates at hand. Cardi’s Furniture stores in MA and RI have a variety of china cabinets that can be incorporated into dining rooms with different decor styles.

If you have a dining room that’s separate from the kitchen, you know that setting the table can be a chore. A china cabinet can keep dishes, flatware, silverware and table linens all in one place so that you don’t have to run back and forth between rooms to find what you need. While a china cabinet can highlight your fine china, it can also work with regular everyday dishes. If your normal plates are simple, a beautiful china cabinet with tasteful woodwork will dress up your dining room regardless of your dishware.

A china cabinet will also protect your china. These cabinets are designed to keep delicate china plates safe, and with all their storage capacity, they also hold silverware and crystal pieces securely. You won’t have to worry about pieces knocking together—most china cabinets are roomy enough to hold all of your table settings.

Many modern families use the formal dining room less than they used to, but china cabinets still serve a purpose. Not only does it keep formal settings out of the reach of children, but you can use it for other types of storage as well. If you use the large dining table for crafts, supplies can be tucked out of sight in a china cabinet. No one will suspect that your beautiful wood cabinet hides glue sticks and glitter!

China cabinets are now available in traditional and modern styles, which can make your dishware pop. High quality furniture in MA and RI from Cardi’s is your best bet.


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