Dr. Breus: Psychologist and Sleep Expert

June 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

furniture stores in ma, ri furniture, furniture in mass, furniture stores massachusetts, furniture stores in rhode island Cardi’s Furniture and mattress stores in MA and RI are now offering the Dr. Breus Bed. This Comfort Solutions product is the first bed designed by a sleep doctor. With the help of Dr. Breus’ extensive research on sleep, this high-quality bed provides optimal comfort and minimizes sleep interruptions.

Dr. Michael J. Breus is a clinical psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders. At 31 years of age, he became one of the youngest psychologists to pass the board examination. Dr. Breus now works in a private practice and provides treatment to celebrities, athletes and other famous individuals.

Furthermore, he advises mattress companies, hotels, airlines and other businesses on methods to help their customers sleep. Dr. Breus is the author of a popular book on sleep and its impact on general health. The book received high praise from reviewers and succeeded in reaching Amazon.com’s Top 100 list.

Dr. Breus also created a compact disc that promotes relaxation and helps people go to sleep. It is available to guests at Crowne Plaza Hotels. He appears in his own television shows, including a PBS special and a Home Shopping Network program. Dr. Breus blogs for Organized Wisdom, WebMD, Psychology Today and the Huffington Post.

The doctor’s many achievements frequently attract media attention. National TV shows like “Oprah” and “The View” have invited him on as a guest. He appeared on the “Dr. Oz” program to discuss sleep, and the entire audience received free Comfort Solutions beds. Radio listeners also hear him on various talk shows from time to time.

People can improve their sleep by following Dr. Breus’ tips or listening to his relaxation CD, but they cannot replace the need for a well-designed bed. That’s why the Dr. Breus Bed is manufactured with up to 13 independent layers of soy polyfoam and natural latex. Expert craftsmen assemble each mattress by hand.

The Dr. Breus Bed provides support, reduces movement and relieves pressure more effectively than other models. To find out if it the mattress is right for you, please visit a Cardi’s furniture store in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. We offer a wide selection of mattresses and some of the best deals on furniture in MA and RI.


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