Ideas for a Combination Home Office and Guestroom

July 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

furniture cape cod, furniture stores ma, ma furniture, furniture maThose who work from home sometimes face an uncomfortable choice: Is it best to have a dedicated home office or a comfortable guest room? Fortunately, with clever furniture choices, it is possible to have both in the same room. Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI can offer multiple solutions for combining these spaces together.

Rather than opting for a large bed, consider a sleeper sofa. Sleeper sofas offer the option of a sleeping space without the large footprint. While these sofas have a bad reputation, high quality furniture in MA and RI will win over guests with their comfort and style. These sofas come in all styles, from traditional to contemporary, so they will fit in any home office with ease. An important tip for furniture arrangement: these pieces become much larger when folded out for mattress use. Measure beforehand to make sure that the couch won’t have to be moved in order to use the fold out feature.

Guests need to feel at home, and a messy desk is not the most inviting sight. Desks with a lot of storage can help solve a clutter problem. Drawers can hold supplies, and filing cabinets, either built in to the desk or as a standalone piece, will corral papers. If a job requires keeping papers or projects out for an extended period of time, secretary or roll-top desks can fold or close up, hiding the mess. RI and MA furniture offers these space-saving and organized desks that make tidying up for guests a bit easier.

For those short on space, combining these two room functions can have a massive impact on open areas of a home. Because a guest room is not always in use, this combination keeps the home office accessible most of the time. It only takes a little planning and some specialized furniture to create a space that can be both welcoming and efficient.


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