Finishing Touches: Accessories Bring Great Furniture to Life

July 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

mattress stores ma, mattress stores ri, furniture ma, ma furniture storesOnce a room is furnished with the perfect, high-quality RI and MA furniture, it may not feel complete. Accessories are needed to turn showroom furniture into home furniture.

The easiest place to start with accessories is bookshelves. Whether the shelves have a traditional wood finish or are a clean and modern white or black, it is important to choose accessories that accentuate the piece. Empty shelves look odd, so stock shelves right away. Use a mix of books and small statuettes to create visual interest. Having a mix of full and more spacious shelves will let the bookcase’s structure shine through without appearing cluttered. Book ends that define your personal style are another great addition.

Furniture in MA and RI is available in a wide range of styles, so it is important to choose wall art that will enhance the furniture. Clean, modern art goes well with simple angular furniture, but it can also look great with traditional furniture by pairing minimalism with ornate styles. A simple,  monochromatic painting can provide a pop of color to any room without overwhelming everything else.

Throw pillows are a cheap and easily changeable way to add a subtle touch of color and patterns to a room without becoming overbearing. While red may seem too bright for an entire sofa, red throw pillows add brightness without becoming garish. If a home with children or pets makes a white couch or chairs impossible, white throw pillows can still give a room a sharp look but are easier to keep clean.

A great way to get inspiration for a room is to note the displays in Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI. Often, we design our display areas with throw pillows, art and accessories that compliment the furniture. Remember, it’s not about filling a room with objects—it’s about finding the perfect colors and styles to accompany your already perfect furniture.


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