Buy a Sleeper Sofa and Reclaim a Room

September 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

furniture cape cod, ma and ri furniture, furniture maUnless you’re running a bed and breakfast, chances are that you don’t entertain that many house guests. In fact, most family members and friends prefer to stay in nearby hotels for better privacy or because they don’t like to inconvenience their hosts. If you’ve been keeping an extra room set aside for guests only, you can put that room to better use by incorporating a sleeper sofa.

If you stop by Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI, you’ll find that sleeper sofas have evolved. They are available in styles from traditional to modern, and you can order a high quality sleeper sofa in almost any color or fabric, including leather. Not only will these sofas fit into your existing decor, but they are also vastly more comfortable than the lumpy beds you might remember from decades past.

Furniture outlets in MA and RI are a great place to gather some ideas as to how you can fit a sleeper sofa into your living room or den. Dens are great because they often have a set of doors for guests’ privacy, but living rooms offer more space for a sleeper sofa to unfold. Either way, a sleeper sofa in one of these rooms will do double duty as a couch for socializing and a bed for guests.

After you’ve set up a sleeper sofa, it’s time to dream up a new use for the old guest room. Browsing Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI is a great way to find inspiration. A game room will need its own television and stand. You’ll also want to fill it with comfortable chairs, preferably ones that have cup holders. On the other hand, a home office in its own room makes it easier to work without distractions.

No matter what new ideas you have for your new space, you’ll be sure to enjoy the new room. And guests will appreciate the new quality sleeper sofa that’s been set aside for them.


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