Can Furniture Color Alter Your Home’s Mood?

September 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

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Blue walls and white furniture help evoke a sense of calm

It’s well known that the colors you see can affect how you feel. Companies spend millions of dollars on the design of their logos, stores and commercials to play on these effects. However, you can use a few simple rules of thumb for your own home without having to hire a personal consultant.

If you love blues and greens, you already know that they are extremely calming. These colors are great for bedrooms or if you want a relaxing den. When you shop for furniture in blue and green, look for soft, muted leathers that won’t appear garish. Upholstered chairs are available in a wider range of these colors, including neutrals, bright colors and even pastels.

Red, yellow and orange increase appetite: Just think about how many fast-food restaurants use these colors. These bright, energetic colors are great in kitchens and dining rooms. If they feel too bright for you, opt for neutral furniture pieces from Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI and use accessories for color accents.

Browns are a great neutral color. They often evoke nature, and because of this, many people find them to be relaxing. Many furniture outlets in MA and RI stock a wide range of natural brown leathers and wood furniture. These colors will fit into any room, but they are best in common areas like living rooms or lounges. You and your guests can feel at ease with muted and neutral browns.

Don’t feel that you have to paint your entire kitchen orange just to work up an appetite. These colors can be used in accessories, artwork or accent walls. You’ll want to combine colors as well to keep some visual interest. When using these rules, you’ll be amazed at what a large difference a little bit of color can make!

Wanting to incorporate a new paint color in your design? Check out paint suggestions from PQI.


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