Power Lift Chairs Ease Strain and Pain

October 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

RI, MA and Cape Cod, our Cardi's Furniture, Furniture store in RI MA or Cape Cod Want to get comfortable and relax? When a person has a chronic condition—such as arthritis, back pain, or cancer, among other ailment—it can be very painful to rise from a seated position or to sit down. Power lift chairs can come to the rescue. These chairs look much like standard recliners but are anything but standard in functionality. They have motors which, at the touch of a button, position the chair for the user to back into and be eased into a seated position. They also reverse this process and raise seated users to a standing position. In RI, MA, and Cape Cod, our Cardi’s Furniture staff can assist potential buyers with finding the right power lift chair.

It can be a great relief for a person experiencing pain to sit and stand with little effort, but power lift chairs come in many sizes and finishes and work best when they are custom-fitted. Chair size needs to match height, leg length, and weight of the user. To match with home décor, these chairs can be upholstered in various fabrics, leather, or vinyl. At furniture outlets in MA and RI, we can help you select the appropriate chair for your needs.

Power lift chairs do more than help a person rise or sit. When visiting our furniture stores in MA and RI, you will see that each model has a varying number of positions. Two-position chairs have a reclining and upright setting. Three-position chairs have the versatility of the footrest being raised with the back upright. Infinite-position models are the most versatile and would be best suited for users who may sleep in their chair for extended periods. Some chairs are equipped with heated seats and/or massage settings—particularly beneficial to a pain sufferer. All models of power lift chairs have a battery back-up power supply in case of a power outage. This prevents worry about what to do if the electricity goes off.

Stop by a Cardi’s Furniture store in RI, MA or Cape Cod to see if a power lift chair is right for you!


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