Tips for Planning Your Pre-Teens Bedroom

October 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

furniture outlets in MA and RI

Planning your pre-teen’s bedroom requires careful consideration regarding layout, functionality and design. The aim is to provide your pre-teen with a comfortable living space that they will enjoy, but costs and long term value come into play during the planning process. Cardi’s furniture outlets in MA and RI give parents the opportunity to pick out the right pieces to finish a pre-teen pad.

Design Considerations

Parents will certainly want to provide their pre-teens with a room that fits their tastes, but functionality of the design is an important consideration to make before purchasing any pieces. For example, does your child do a lot of studying at home? A desk with ample space for supplies is a must. Does your pre-teen host sleepovers with friends on a regular basis? Consider investing in bunk beds to make sure your child’s guests have room when they visit.

Sit down with your pre-teen to discuss their needs and design tastes before purchasing any furniture pieces to ensure that the final room design is both functional and welcoming.

Long Term Value

Even shopping at a Cardi’s furniture store with low prices on high-quality pieces can mean an added expense that is difficult to fit into a tight household budget. Parents should consider whether furniture pieces are able to be adapted as their children grow. High-quality pieces that have long term value are worth paying a bit extra for if a family has determined that their pre-teen will keep the same furniture through college.

The most functional pieces for long-term use are those that are neutral and provide storage space as a child collects more personal belongings. Although a quirky piece may seem like a great addition to a pre-teen’s room, think about whether your child will still enjoy the piece throughout high school and into college before finalizing a purchase.

Start planning your pre-teen’s bedroom today by visiting Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI. Try out our room planner for an even more effective way to thoroughly plan before making a purchase.


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