Sectionals: Will They Work for You?

November 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

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When someone mentions sectional furniture, the first thought that usually comes to mind is a large L-shaped couch that takes up far too much space. While there are large sectionals designed to provide adequate seating for large families and gatherings, many sectionals can actually add space-saving elements to your living area.

Cardi’s Rhode Island and Massachusetts furniture stores carry a wide variety of styles to meet your design expectations. Here is a look at some advantages and disadvantages to help you determine whether or not sectional furniture will meet your needs.


  • Money saver. The cost of furniture can add up quickly, especially when attempting to fill your living room space. Multiple couches or chairs can quickly chip away at that budget. Sectionals offer functional space for a single cost rather than a few or more items with their own price tag.
  • Potential space saver. Sectionals are designed to take up only as much space as you want. While the few couches and chairs seem like the smarter idea for saving space, you will find that a sectional will give you just as much seating but without dead space between each piece of furniture. Another great space-saving function is a sectional’s ability to separate a living area from other areas by creating a natural “barrier.” Because of this barrier, sectionals can create cozy nooks in small spaces.
  • Versatility. The idea behind sectional furniture is to provide functionality through space saving design without losing appeal. However, the versatility of a sectional is second to none, giving you seemingly unlimited options for your rooms. With multiple types of sectionals like curved sectionals or squared, your space saving needs will be met with style.


  • Informal. Living room designs vary from modern to old world. Sectionals are usually modern pieces of furniture with functionality through space saving design. Some designs require a more formal look, something sectional furniture might not achieve for some people.
  • Assembly required. If a customer chooses delivery, our Cardi’s delivery staff will assemble the piece upon delivery. Fortunately, assembly isn’t required unless you decide to move the furniture after delivery.
  • Design. The lack of separation that you could otherwise have with a sofa, couch and chair can be unappealing to those looking for a more segregated design.

While sectionals may not be ideal for all spaces, they are overall more functional and versatile than other styles of furniture. Cardi’s Furniture Store in RI and MA are here to help you determine if sectional furniture is what you are looking for.


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