How to Compromise When Styles Clash

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

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Is your style clashing with another family member? Are you finding it difficult to reach a compromise when it comes to furniture or décor in your home? Cardi’s RI and MA furniture stores provide a wide variety of options for customers looking for pieces that can tie together clashing styles throughout a home.

Clashing Tastes in Home Decor

Decorating styles are a point of contention for many couples, but there’s no need for housemates to fight over the color of a couch or the style of a TV stand.

Visit Cardi’s Furniture stores in MA and RI to go over style preferences with a spouse to determine which pieces could fit into existing home decor. It’s easier for couples who do not agree on style choices to imagine furniture pieces in their own home if they see pieces in person. Cardi’s is staffed with professionals who can help couples compromise on style choices.

Clashes Between Modern Electronics and Decor

Maintaining a rustic decor or a homey feel can be difficult with oversized electronics ranging from monster-sized televisions to surround sound systems. Fortunately, there’s no need to adjust the decor to an unwanted modern style just to fit the modern entertainment elements in the home.

Choose pieces that blend in with the decor while hiding electronics. For example, a hutch with a cutout back can accommodate a large high definition television and all of the components that go along with such a television without sticking out like a sore thumb in a rustic country living room.

Coffee tables and end tables with storage can help hide all of the remote controls needed for Blu-ray players, streaming devices, gaming systems and sound systems. These furniture pieces provide the added benefit of keeping all remotes in one handy location.

Transitions Between Rooms

Differing tastes may make the transition from a bedroom to the rest of the house appear to be awkward, so it is important to find ways to allow occupants of a home to express their personal style in their own space while maintaining a flow in the style of the entire home.

Consider using similar furniture styles and color schemes to tie styles together even if the function and overall feel of a room differs from other rooms in the home. For example, using a warm color palette in all rooms in the house can tie together styles when functions of each room differ greatly. Furniture that is made of the same materials and crafted in a similar style can also help tie things together.


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