Shed Some Light on a Dim Office

November 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

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It’s hard to come up with bright ideas in a dimly-lit office. Small spaces, insufficient natural light and cluttered walls or surfaces can make your home office seem dark and unappealing. Lighten up your work space with these simple, affordable tips.

Cut back on clutter to make your office appear brighter. Get rid of old papers and other unnecessary items, and keep things neat in a mobile file cabinet designed to fit under your desk. Consider wall cabinets with translucent doors or bookcases in a birch veneer to further lighten your look.

Clunky furniture creates a heavy look in a small room. Pare down with a slimmer, sleeker desk-and-chair combination. Get inspired by, or make a purchase from, the collections at Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI. Choose a light shade for a truly brightening effect.

Add bright accent pieces to your desktop or walls to make the room vibrate with color. Red, orange and yellow add energy and light in small doses. Stick with splashes of primary hues in the form of light fixtures or desk accessories to avoid overwhelming the room with too much color.

Usher in natural light with white or ivory window treatments. Translucent light-filtering shades let you customize the amount of sunlight you allow in, while soft-colored curtains in a lightweight fabric look great secured with attractive tie-backs.

Reflective surfaces and metallics offer an affordable way to bring light into a dreary home office. Pick up a small wall mirror in a unique frame, or redo one wall of your office in mirrored tiles to enlarge and brighten your space. Find shimmering metallic accent pieces online or at local accessory/furniture outlets and position them opposite a window to reflect light that filters in from outdoors. This technique works great with mirrors as well, giving the illusion of an extra window.

Your choice of lighting can make a huge difference as well. Track lighting is a great option if it’s in the budget. It doesn’t take up valuable desktop or floor real estate, and it can prevent glare when properly positioned. Adjustable desk lamps are more affordable, and can be purchased in brushed nickel or other shimmering finishes.

The best overall strategy for creating a sense of lightness in your home office is to produce an open, uncluttered atmosphere and make sound color choices. Light reflective surfaces and proper lighting work wonders in a dark home office. For more inspiration, browse the Cardi’s website and visit our furniture stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


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