Make Your Mismatched Furniture Work for You

December 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

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If you have any mismatched furniture in your home, chances are you have considered transforming the items into one cohesive collection. While this may seem frustrating at first, there are some tips you can follow to make it easier. Whether you have a combination of modern and antique pieces or you purchased a rug that clashes with your curtains, you can use certain techniques to merge each item together.

The first step is to sort the furniture you already have. Organize by color, pattern or era. Disperse contemporary pieces and traditional pieces by placing these seemingly mismatched styles side by side. This will prevent an uneven balance between the two styles. After all, it would look unusual if one side of the room was filled with antiques and the other side was filled with only contemporary pieces. Fill in any gaps with smaller accent pieces that will complement the opposing style—for example, if your room contains both antique and modern pieces, an antique accent can accompany a modern piece and a modern accent can accompany an antique piece. This furthers the balance between the two styles.

Once you have your furniture grouped, consider the color scheme. The best way to unify mismatched furniture is to balance colors. Use different shades of one hue in knickknacks, curtains, accent pillows, throw rugs, comforters, table runners and other accessories. Choose a color you already have displayed, and incorporate it wherever you can. You can also do this with patterns.

When blending woods, simply use light and dark pieces throughout a room. Unite a light rocker and dark end table by placing a light wood grain lamp on the table. Set dark chairs around a light kitchen table, and merge them by hanging artwork in light and dark frames. Consider the small details when it comes to coordinating wood pieces. Something as simple as matching the handles on all your cabinets can make a big visual impact. To get more ideas from a knowledgeable MA and RI furniture provider, consider visiting us at Cardi’s.

Mismatched furniture is becoming a trend, and many homeowners are purposely mismatching their interior décor. The key to making your home look balanced is to find a small fiber of harmony. Click here for more tricks on balancing your mismatched furniture. By blending colors, fabrics, patterns, woods and period pieces, you can create an eye-catching and eclectic display that your guests will remember.


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