Leaving Your Mark: Decorating for Your Personality

January 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Your home decor should reflect your own highly individual personality. From the home office to the living room, each interior space deserves the same attention to detail you apply to your clothing and grooming. If you enjoy classic design, you probably tend to choose elegant, muted shades and softer, silkier textiles. Those with modern style often opt for bold colors and a wide range of textures. Of course, our personal style can benefit from a little experimentation. However, shopping for styles that generally fit your “style profile” is the best way to give your home a look that’s in sync with your personality.

Color Your World

One easy way to provide a touch of your own personality is choosing furniture in your favorite colors. If you’re afraid your most-loved hue will overpower a room, apply small doses of it. An example of this is the use of colorful sofas and chairs from Cardi’s Furniture in MA and RI. Rich red, soft blue, dusty rose, sage green and stark white furnishings go a long way towards personalizing a room. Your choice of color can soften your decor, inject energy or add a touch of the unexpected. Choose one piece or a whole set.

The top furniture stores in MA and RI also offer beautiful sectionals. With their chic design and easy placement, sectionals take some of the effort out of decorating. The less you have to worry about where to place various pieces, the more time you’ll have for choosing paintings and other artwork perfectly suited to your personality. Browse art fairs, flea markets and online arts and crafts outlets to find unique art that tells the world who you are.

Be a Show-Off

A great bookcase offers the perfect way to display photos, souvenirs and other cherished items in your home office, living room or bedroom. There’s no better way to let anyone who enters your home know what’s important to you. Pictures of family and friends, mementos from past vacations and your favorite small pieces of art give visitors an instant glimpse of the real you. Keeping these items front-and-center also lets you and your family enjoy them as you go about your daily routines. Find attractive bookcases worthy of your keepsakes at Cardi’s, the furniture store MA and RI residents count on for quality craftsmanship and decor-enhancing finishes.


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