Decorating for a Small Office

April 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Many home offices are cramped, cluttered and unattractive. Many home offices are cramped, cluttered and unattractive. They make it difficult for people to focus on tasks or find necessary items. You can avoid these problems with the help of space-saving furniture and accessories. You’ll be able to accomplish more in an efficiently designed office. It’s vital to maximize floor, desk and storage space.

The desk is the largest piece of furniture in many small offices. To store more items without sacrificing floor space, find a desk with several drawers or a hutch. Corner desks use space more efficiently than traditional rectangular units. Be sure to select a chair that you can push under the desk when you don’t need it.

Desk accessories may help you maximize your work area. You can keep pens, envelopes, paper clips and other small items in a stylish wooden organizer. A monitor stand will create a convenient storage area under your computer screen. Ceiling and desk lights usually require less space than floor lamps.

Many people also put filing cabinets or bookcases in their offices. A small cabinet may prove sufficient. However, you might need to set aside more time to discard unnecessary papers. If a bookcase or cabinet is the same height as your desk, you can use it to expand the work area. Consider putting a printer, telephone or fax machine on it.

If you want to store and display a variety of items, look for a bookcase with at least six open compartments. This will improve organization and prevent things from tipping over. You can conserve floor space by purchasing the tallest bookcase that will fit in your office. Put less on the floor and more on the walls!

Certain colors cause rooms to feel large or small. Use light-colored paint and flooring to make your home office seem spacious. It will feel more inviting when you add a few wall decorations, such as paintings or quilts. However, an excess of these items may darken the room and distract you from your work.

It’s important to find the right balance of functionality and comfort. Don’t choose a chair that is too soft and relaxing; it may promote bad posture or encourage you to fall asleep. On the other hand, you might not be able to sit in a chair for hours if it’s uncomfortable. Wood furniture, foot rests and rugs make offices seem cozy and pleasant.

You can find durable and space-saving office furniture at Cardi’s. All of our products are manufactured with high-quality materials and hardware. Our furniture outlets offer a range of bookcases, chairs and desks. Many items feature space-saving designs that appeal to those with small offices. Luckily, we have convenient furniture store locations in MA and RI!


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