Man Cave Must-Haves for Father’s Day

June 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Man Cave Must-HavesFather’s Day will be here soon and every dad is looking forward to not getting another tie this year. For gift ideas that rock, look for what’s missing in his man cave. If your home doesn’t already have a man cave, be advised that it’s now considered a required element in home design. Neglecting to provide a man cave can result in boredom, anxiety and frustrating behavior patterns in all people of the male persuasion. Whether you’re seeking to build a new man cave or just want to accessorize the one you have, you’ll need to cover the essentials.

The Huge Flat Screen Television

Every cave dweller must be able to access ESPN and the DIY Network, so he can keep up with his favorite teams and that “honey-do list.” You’ll also need a quality TV stand to complete the setup. If you have enough room, you might even want to consider home theater seating. Don’t forget, bookcases and media storage are also a key element.

Comfortable, Non-Feminine Furniture

A leather sofa is perfect for a man cave.Comfort is paramount in the man cave. A great leather sofa or a comfy recliner is perfect. Avoid pastel fabrics and flower prints at all costs. You’ll get extra points for providing powered furniture.

Man Cave Signs

Every man cave sign falls under one of two categories. The first simply labels the room as a man cave or displays the rules and regulations. The second category includes sports and beer references, along with graphic images of various kinds. If you’re not sure what kind of man cave sign to buy, anything in neon is a safe bet.

Automotive and Sports Paraphernalia

This category of man cave fundamentals is extensive and highly variable. It may include books, decorative objects and even actual car parts. Almost any item that references mechanics, team sports or hunting is acceptable. To determine if an object is suitable for a man cave, show it to a female over the age of 16. If she rolls her eyes at it, keep it.

The Man Cave Bar

Man caves need a barIf drinking alcohol is acceptable in your household, a fully stocked bar with cool bar stools is sure to be treasured by any man in his cave.

Let the Quest Begin

If your home’s man cave is lacking some required elements, Cardi’s Furniture in MA and RI can help. Check out our great selection of man cave essentials and make this Father’s Day one that Dad will never forget.


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