What’s in a Mattress?

October 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

mattress ma and riIf you’re similar to the average person, you spend at least 2,500 hours a year on your mattress. That’s more than 100 days spent with your body pressed against a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers, nestling into your pillow top or blissfully resting on your memory foam. Those hours don’t even include the time spent eating breakfast in bed or lounging in front of the TV. With all this time spent on that soft cloud of furniture, do you ever stop to consider what it’s made of? What’s more, when it’s time to buy a new one, how do you decide whether you want a plush, eurotop or firm mattress? Find out what a mattress is made of so you can head to the store armed with information to help you buy the piece of furniture on which you’ll be spending about 30% of your lifetime.

Mattress Springs

Most mattress spring and coil systems will outlast the mattress upholstery and foam padding. Offset and continuous wire innersprings are used in less expensive mattresses and involve springs that are attached by wire in a way that creates an interconnected system. That means that if your partner or your small cat moves in the bed, you’re going to feel it. In mattresses with individual coils, each spring is wrapped in cloth. These types of mattresses allow your toddler to jump on your spouse’s side of the bed while you sleep peacefully on the other side, feeling nothing. Although many manufacturers list a coil count, it’s not likely to affect your comfort or the resilience of your mattress.

Mattress Padding

Over the springs and under the outer upholstery lies a layer of padding. This keeps the innerspring system from poking you while you sleep and provides extra comfort. There are typically multiple layers of foam used in mattress construction. These keep you comfortable and provide that cushy cloud or firm foundation. The padding can be made of polyurethane foam, memory foam or latex. Your comfort when lying on a mattress will help you determine which type of mattress to buy. Different people prefer different types of foam to keep them comfortable.

Staying in Line

When it comes to choosing a mattress, it all boils down to comfort. When a mattress can provide the balance of support and softness that you need to keep your spine aligned while you sleep, you’ll wake up happy. The researchers at Sealy use robots that pound the mattresses over and over again to simulate the continual nights of abuse a mattress might get. This article describes how this research is used to build a better mattress. No matter what the research says, choosing a mattress is a personal decision. Visit us at Cardi’s Furniture for expert advice on selecting the best mattress for you.


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