Mattress Quality and Sciatica Pain

November 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Sciatica is a painful and at times debilitating condition in which a small muscle called the piriformis irritates the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is characterized by nerve impingement, which not only causes immense pain, but it also can result in temporary paralysis. The pain often begins in the lower back and radiates down the back of the thigh.

Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica itself is not actually a medical diagnosis. It’s the result of one or more underlying conditions, such as spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, chronic overuse, or previous injuries.

Sitting for extended periods of time will further aggravate sciatica as will sleeping on a poor-quality mattress. Most doctors will say that if you wake up with stiff and sore muscles, it’s likely your mattress is to blame. While there are some recommended exercises and stretches you can do to help deal with the pain, a visit to a furniture store might work wonders.

Joining Goldilocks On Her Search

Your bed should be a comfortable place to catch up on your beauty sleep. But, if you still feel tired after a full night of sleep, then you probably need to swap out your old mattress for a new one. Be warned that not just any mattress will do. Like Goldilocks on her search for a napping spot in the house of the three bears, a mattress that is too hard or too soft will have you waking up with even more back pain than when you went to sleep. Goldilocks found exactly what you’re looking for, the mattress that is just right!

Cushioned Comfort

Cardi’s furniture stores bring shoppers in MA and RI the perfect combination of innovative technology and common sense with mattresses designed to enhance your sleep experience. Each mattress has unique features that work to relieve pressure in the exact spots that are linked with back pain and discomfort. Reducing the amount of pressure on your spine is critical for dealing with and even preventing sciatica. Here are a few worthy considerations:

• The ComforPedic mattress responds to the unique shape and movements of your body, providing you with customized cushion and support right where you need it the most.

• The iComfort’s MicroSupport gel offers outstanding support while alleviating the pressure from your joints.

• The unique Pocketed Coil Technology found in the Beautyrest is made up of individually wrapped springs that independently adjust to shifting weight and movement as you sleep. This mattress conforms to the contour of your body.

• The Serta Perfect Sleeper boasts a Continuous Support Innerspring that delivers proper back support to help reduce the lower back pain associated with sciatica.

Struggling with sciatica? In addition to consulting your doctor, come visit us at Cardi’s and take a look at our high-quality mattress inventory and be on your way to a better night’s sleep.


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