A Bedroom Your Teenage Daughter Will Love

November 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

don't forget to allow your teen to use her bedroom to express herself bedroom furniture in MA and RIAs your tween daughter turns into a teen, she’ll begin developing her own sense of style. You’ve likely thought about how to let her express herself through her clothing, but don’t forget to allow her to express herself through her room, too. Remodeling a teen’s bedroom is a great way to update the look of the room while helping her to find a distinct design identity. As with any decorating project, formulating a plan is key.

Formulating a Bedroom Makeover Plan

Before you dream up a grand plan for redecorating or remodeling your teen daughter’s room, sit down with her. She may resent a bedroom makeover if you don’t involve her in the process of designing the new room. Remember that this is a great opportunity for the two of you to do an activity together and to foster her growing sense of identity. If you have a knack for design and decor, you’ll also be able to pass along those skills in a fun, memorable way.

Talk about what she needs in her room. Build your design around the bed, devoting special attention to storage solutions so that she can develop good clutter-control skills. If there’s an attached bathroom, think of easy ways to update it so that it reflects the bedroom’s new style.

When it comes to choosing a color palette, you should offer guidance while allowing your teen some freedom. You might dislike the idea of painting the walls lavender or teal, but remember that you can always repaint them later. What matters now is creating a welcoming environment where she’ll feel comfortable expressing herself. If you’re struggling to understand what she wants in her room, take some time to peruse photos of contemporary teen rooms online—you might find that her crazy ideas are an improvement on a current design trend.

Choosing the Right Pieces for Your Teen’s Room

Deciding on a color palette, buying wall decor and picking bedding are likely to be the most exciting parts of a room makeover. However, don’t forget to choose high-quality furniture that will withstand the demands of a teen. Take your daughter with you to furniture stores to pick pieces. Use the time to show her how to pick quality furniture, evaluate prices and understand financing. You’ll never regret investing time in completing a bedroom makeover with your child.

If you’re interested in finding great teen furniture in MA and RI or need help with a room makeover, stop by Cardi’s Furniture. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with all your furniture and mattress needs.



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