How One Room Can Serve Multiple Functions

November 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

It would be nice to have an infinite amount of space, but sadly, we don’t all get to live in our dream homes. Although you may have to wait a few years while you save up for the ultimate perfect pad, you don’t have to be miserable in the meantime. Read on to learn how you can redesign your interiors and do more with what you’ve got.

Doing It All in One Room

There are plenty of modern examples of architectural innovations that let you repurpose your spaces on a whim, but you don’t have to invest in removable wall panels or furniture that looks like something out of a Transformers movie. With the right approach to design and some simple yet high-quality furnishings, you can turn any room into a true multifunctional space.

For instance, rooms like home offices often double as dens or entertainment spaces. As long as you distinguish these shared areas, you’ll be able to get your taxes done or pay the bills without tripping over your kids’ toys or other household items in the process. Organizational elements like hutch desks and filing cabinets can serve as dividers that let you delineate your work areas from the rest of the room without sacrificing large amounts of space or investing in expensive construction projects.

In spaces like kitchens, you can add specialized furniture like islands to help you take advantage of every square foot of available space. These convenient work surfaces are nice because they give you a bit more room for things like preparation and storage, but they can also serve as areas where kids do homework or party guests gather to snack on hors d’oeuvres. Multifunctional furniture plays an essential role in making your multifunctional spaces work as you intend.

Getting Started

Of course, maximizing your home’s potential isn’t as simple as just deciding you want to turn a room into a high-productivity zone. You have to plan things out so that you don’t end up with clutter.

Start by thinking about the types of activities that you’d like to do in a target area. After identifying these goals, go down the list and figure out what currently prevents you from accomplishing each item. Do you not have enough work surfaces for your arts and crafts projects? Are you constantly getting distracted by the TV in your current home office? Consider these questions as you examine ways to modify your current layout and add or upgrade furniture so that it facilitates the things you really want to get done. To learn more about how our furniture stores in MA and RI can help you do more with your limited space, visit us online.


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