Design Your Dream Bedroom

November 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

designing your dream bedroom is much easier than you think at card's furniture stores in MA and RIWarm and cozy, elegant and sophisticated, eclectic and fun—what describes your dream bedroom? If you’ve ever looked longingly at a fabulous bed or gorgeous chandelier in a magazine, or sighed audibly while browsing a furniture showroom, then you probably already have an idea of the look you’re going for. It may be an eyebrow-raising price tag that stands in your way, or perhaps a personal fear that you don’t have a knack for interior decorating. The good news is that designing your dream bedroom is much easier than you think.

So let’s get started. Begin by using your favorite color. Put it on the walls to create an atmosphere, or use it in the accessories for pops and accents around the room. If it’s an intense color, like red, paint one wall to make your statement, and then keep the others neutral for tranquility. Color is fun, and there are a ton of ways to play with it. The most important thing is to choose a color that speaks to you in some way, so don’t be afraid go with one that isn’t necessarily in line with contemporary trends if it targets the mood you’re trying for.

Of course, furniture is the star of the room. Think of what it is about that piece in the magazine photo or furniture show room that appeals to you. Is it the curve, the sparkle or the green aspect of it? Once you’re able to determine what that special something is that beckons to you, you can begin looking for it in less expensive pieces. Developing the skill of recognizing essential qualities in a piece that attracts you to it is one of the joys of decorating, and will pay dividends in your future design endeavors. Whatever you choose, whether it’s casually country, classically traditional, exotic, bohemian, or sleek and contemporary, remember to select furniture pieces that offer both comfort and beauty.

Then, for pure personality, add accessories. Fluffy throw pillows in glorious patterns, quirky lamps that make you smile, artwork that puts a song in your heart—these all represent your personal style, your individual taste, your pleasures. Make sure that your bedroom declares who you are. After all, this is your dream.

For a little help making your dreams come true, call or come by one of our Cardi’s furniture stores in MA or RI. We’re ready and excited to help!


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