How to Make the Most of Your Bedroom Space

January 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

There are several easy to ways to create the illusion of space in your bedroom

A bedroom that’s too small, has a low ceiling or is an unconventional shape can pose problems when it comes to decorating. Learning how to work with the space you have available opens up your bedroom and makes it more comfortable.

Raise the Ceiling

Low ceilings make bedrooms feel cramped or cluttered even when they’re not. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make the ceiling appear higher. The first is to paint it a light color, preferably white, though the jury is still out on whether semi gloss or matte finish works better to create a feeling of height.

When painting or adding wallpaper to the walls, consider incorporating vertical stripes or another type of vertical pattern. Just like with clothing, vertical stripes in the bedroom give the appearance of height so the room feels more open.

Avoid hanging anything from a low ceiling, including light fixtures and fans. These take up valuable space in an already small area and make the ceiling seem too “close.” Instead, try placing pictures, photos and other artwork high on the walls to draw the eye upward.

Work with Angles

If your bedroom isn’t a standard square or rectangle, you can still work with the space you have. Find the central spot or focal point and arrange your furniture around it to create balanced patterns. For extreme angles or corners that form nooks, consider making that space a “room” of its own. Add a chair and bookshelf for a reading area or use it to display your favorite photographs on a decorative table. Be sure to choose small furniture to avoid dominating the room with any one piece.

Open Up Small Spaces

When working with a small space, you want to avoid dark colors, which absorb light and close the room in around you. Light colors reflect both natural and artificial illumination to create a sense of airiness. Choose soft tones such as cream, blue or green for paint or wallpaper and optimize sources of natural light to turn your small bedroom into a lofty space.

Mirrors are a great trick for opening up small rooms as well. Hanging a mirror on a bare wall instantly creates depth that wasn’t there before. Use one large mirror or a variety of mirrored surfaces to decorate the room and reflect light into every corner.

Doing a bedroom remodel means being able to find furniture stores that have the items you’re looking for. If you’re in the MA or RI area, stop by Cardi’s to see our selection. You can also check out our website online for a comprehensive listing of furniture and accessories to beautify your small bedroom.


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