Microfiber Is Your Best Friend

January 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Microfibers are even finer than those found in silk

Not sure what kind of fabric to choose when looking for new upholstered furniture? The many benefits of microfiber make it a good option for sofas and chairs.

Soft and Comfortable

The fibers in microfiber material are actually thinner than those found in silk. This gives microfiber upholstery an amazing soft feeling that delivers cozy comfort every time you sit. Some microfiber, called microsuede, is designed to mimic the look and feel of real suede with the same softness. Whether you choose a sofa, chair or sectional, the gentle touch of microfiber will be a welcome addition to your home.

Dense and Durable

Polyester and nylon are the most common materials used in microfiber upholstery. These are used to create a fine, tightly knit weave that resists common problems such as pilling and sagging. Microfiber is also less prone to rips and stretching than other fabrics, meaning that the furniture you buy today will stay looking beautiful for a long time.

Stain Resistant

Spills and other accidents are a fact of life but can be a disaster for most upholstery materials. While microfiber isn’t stain-proof, it’s highly stain resistant due to the close knit of the fibers. Liquids will bead up on the surface of the fabric and can easily be wiped off before they soak in. Some spills may simply run off, leaving only a damp patch that can be taken care of with a cloth or paper towel. This is especially helpful if you like light-colored furniture and have had trouble keeping it clean in the past.

Easy to Maintain

Other messes are easy to clean off microfiber as well. All you need to remove crumbs and household dirt is the soft-brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Simply run the attachment over the surface during your normal cleaning routine. For a deeper clean, visit a furniture store for specially designed microfiber cleaners. These are usually applied to the fabric and cleaned with a cloth, making for easy maintenance.

Allergy Friendly

Allergy sufferers will be happy to discover that microfiber doesn’t generate or collect dust. Anything that does stick to the surface is easy to remove with routine vacuuming, and the fabric itself is lint- and dust-free. You won’t have to worry about sitting down on your couch or loveseat only to be greeted with a puff of airborne allergens. Instead, you can enjoy your furniture and breathe easy every day.

The versatile nature of this attractive fabric means you can place microfiber furniture in any room and enjoy all of its benefits. Check out a Cardi’s furniture store in the MA and RI area or contact us directly to get an idea of the different pieces that are available. Our website is a great place to get started as you plan to make a purchase.


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