How to Create a Room that Encourages Conversation

February 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

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The art of conversation needs constant nurturing and practice. One of the more overlooked aspects of a great conversation has to do with setting. The general ambiance and furniture layout in a room can play a key role in determining the course of a conversation within a group. How often have you been to a party only to return with a sore neck or hoarse voice? Having to converse with a friend who is on a couch 12 feet away from you can strain a conversation and make you uncomfortable. That’s where an intelligent and well-planned furniture layout can come in handy and set the tone for long and exciting conversations.

Arrangement Matters

Your living room does not have to look like a conference room to encourage conversation, but try to capture the same idea. Arrange the couches and chairs in a circular, U-shaped or L-shaped layout so that everyone seated will be able to converse with ease. Furniture should be placed close enough for intimate conversations but not too close to the point of being overwhelming. Creating an intimate conversation area does not mean you have to use perfectly coordinated pieces of furniture. Play around with different styles and arrangements to create the ambience you’re envisioning. Featuring a center table or rug is an easy way to unite pieces that would otherwise feel disparate, and to make the room feel more together and amenable to conversation.
Feed the Conversation

Décor matters a lot. A warm and inviting setting can get people in the mood for fun and spontaneous conversations. Consider adding focal points of interest, such as beautiful artwork or gorgeous accent furniture, to liven up your arrangement. While background music might seem like a great idea, it is best to avoid it in order to allow your guests to talk, listen and concentrate without being distracted.

Make Allowances for Spontaneity

Having a few basic wooden chairs can be very useful to pull over for a private chat. Your guests should be able to sit comfortably and move around freely without feeling restricted. When you’re counting the number of seats, take into account the fact that the middle seat on a three-cushion couch might not seem appealing to many people. Always have extra chairs on hand.

The best part of decorating your home is that you can choose to arrange and rearrange endlessly until you have achieved that perfect setting. Creating a suitable environment for long chats and endless laughter does not have to be a challenging process. If you’re looking for gorgeous furniture and accent pieces, Cardi’s Furniture Stores can help. With many convenient locations in MA and RI, you will be able to find great decorating solutions for all your rooms.


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