A Bookcase Display as a Great Focal Point

February 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Developing focal points within various rooms of the house does not have to be an overly difficult experience. In fact, with an elegant bookshelf that has been carved from majestic pine, cherry, oak or maple, you can establish decorative themes that will give the room a whole new feel. While bookshelves are most often used simply to display books, they can also hold a number of decorative items that will add warmth and character to their surroundings. Here are some accessory items that will stand out admirably when they are placed on shelves.

Vases and Pottery

Most bookshelves can be made especially elegant with nicely positioned vases and pottery pieces. While empty vases that are made of glass or plastic are perfectly fine, you may want to jazz up the area by adding roses, tulips, violets and daisies. You might also want to add some handcrafted Native American pottery pieces to the shelves. Most authentic pottery items use brilliantly colored clay, which will look great in the living room.

Literary Classics

Although scruffy books should not be made the center pieces of the room, there’s certainly no harm in showcasing literary classics that are in immaculate shape. Many publishing companies print classic literature collections that are designed to stand out. If you happen to love Charles Dickens and Leo Tolstoy, for example, you might buy gold-plated hardbound copies of their most important titles. These works can be placed on miniature display stands so that people can see you’ve got great taste.

Figurines and Other Crafts

Items that have been passed down through the generations might also work well. Tiny ballerina figurines, for example, will look great on any bookshelf. If you happen to be an animal lover, you might purchase animal figurines. One of your shelves can be entirely dedicated to ceramic art. By choosing items that are colorful and radiant, you’ll be able to craft a decorative showpiece that will be the primary attraction in the room. Breakable items should be set back from the edge so they aren’t accidentally knocked to the floor by wrestling kids or playful dogs.

Family Photos

Never underestimate the power of family photos. If you’ve recently taken a fantastic vacation to Disney World or Las Vegas, for example, you might set up a couple of pictures of your family for everyone to see. Consider buying frames with floral patterns for extra elegance. If you’re aiming to make people laugh, you can sprinkle in some family portraits where each person is making a funny face.

If you’re searching for reputable furniture stores in MA and RI, give us a call at Cardi’s Furniture. We can set you up with decorative items that will transform your home in no time.


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