Hostel for the Holidays

February 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

sleeper ottoman ma and ri

If you’ve ever crashed on a friend’s couch, you know that it takes some rearranging for a host to accommodate a guest. In homes with no guest bedroom, providing guests with a sleeping area without overly disrupting household routines takes some creativity. However, clever selection of the right furniture pieces will create a pop-up bedroom that will make your guests feel truly welcome in your home.

Old Standards: Sleepers and Futons

Sofas and loveseats that pull out to convert into a full or queen-size bed are old-time favorites for hosts who have limited room and an abundance of friends and family. The foldout beds are easy to prepare at night, and the living area is just as easily restored in the daytime. Make sure to sleep-test the bed occasionally to make sure that it’s comfortable, as the springs and hinges tend to suffer from constant use.

As an alternative, futons are springless and convert to a bed when you slide the backrest to a horizontal position. Fluff up the mattress component, make the bed and create an instant sleeping area.

The ottoman or trunk that goes with your living room set should be one that can store pillows and bedding during the day. Give your guests some room to unpack by clearing the hallway closet. Provide hangers, shelves and baskets so that your guests can lay out their personal items.

A New Take on Ottoman Sleepers

Furniture designers have added an innovative twist on convertible living room furniture. Like standard sleepers, a twin or full-size bed is hidden inside the ottoman, which may do double duty as a coffee table. You might also consider incorporating a four-panel decorative screen into your room design so your guests have some additional privacy.

Furniture Stores Have the Answers

If you’ve dodged your cousins’ overtures to come for a visit because you don’t have room to put them up, you’re passing up on golden opportunities to bond, show off your hosting skills and coax a reciprocal invitation. In MA and RI, consult a furniture specialist at Cardi’s Furniture to see the latest in convertible furniture and storage options.


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