Make Your Wood Furniture Last Forever

March 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Wood furniture can make a gorgeous addition to any home, but can deteriorate without proper care. Here are a few maintenance tips for extending the life of your wood furniture and keeping it beautiful in the process:

Keep It Clean

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is one of the best things that you can do for your wood furniture. No matter how smooth the finish is, the surface is always rough enough to accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris. Regular dusting and an occasional cleaning with a slightly damp cloth will keep most furniture disasters at bay.

When you’re cleaning your furniture, you don’t need to use a very damp cloth. If you use too much water, it can damage your furniture over time. You can also use a mild soap product that’s approved for use on wood surfaces. After you finish wiping down the wood, use a new cloth to dry the surface.

If you want to give your furniture some extra protection, consider using a good wood polish. Read the labels or consult a furniture dealer to find out which polish is appropriate for your furniture’s finish.

Have a Protection Plan in Place

For new wood furniture purchases, make sure you receive a protection program. At Cardi’s, we offer a Pure Protection plan that ensures the condition of your furnishings. Read more here.

Keep It Stable

According to Keen to Clean, you can prolong the life of your wood by properly arranging your furniture. If your wood furniture is exposed to excessive direct sunlight or sources of extreme heat or cold, permanent damage may occur. You should try to put your precious wood furniture in an area of the home that has relatively low exposure to sunlight, heat, and cold.

Keep It Covered

Dining tables, night tables, and coffee tables are often the victims of normal wear and tear. A tablecloth, runner or decorative covering will protect the surface from stains, scratches, and rub marks.

If you plan to serve hot food on your table, you should always use a hot pad to protect your dining table from warm serving dishes. Additionally, placemats will protect the wood from heat, moisture, and other furniture hazards.

Contact us at Cardi’s Furniture if you have any questions about extending the life of your wood furniture. We are a family-owned business with several furniture stores in the MA and RI areas, as well as a wealth of experience when it comes to selecting and maintaining the perfect piece.


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