Find the Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room

March 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Sofas are often the central piece of furniture in living room setups. Choosing the perfect one for your home is a matter of personal preference, but there are several factors to consider beyond basic appearance. Keep these tips in mind as you shop and you’ll have no trouble finding a beautiful sofa that meets your needs.


The sofa that you choose has to fit the space available in your living room. Before starting your search, measure the area where you plan to put the sofa. Consider other furniture that you might want to add or arrange around it. Leave space for end tables, a coffee table, chairs and decorative accents so you can set up your living room just the way you like. Since sofas come in many shapes and sizes ranging from cozy two-seaters to expansive sectionals, it’s easy to find one that works in your living area.


A sofa is a big investment, so you want to be sure that the model you’re looking at is designed to deliver lasting comfort. The frame should be solidly built from reliable materials that remain sturdy over time. Try out different types of cushions fill to determine which makes you feel the most at home. Options cover the spectrum from squishy, soft seats that look broken in, to firm modern sofas with sleek designs.


Your living environment has an impact on the fabric you choose for your sofa. If you have pets and kids, go for something durable that can take a beating while retaining its original appearance. Take texture into consideration as well. A fabric that looks beautiful might feel rough or scratchy and detract from the sofa’s comfort. Whichever covering you choose, make sure you know how to clean it should anything accidentally spill on your new furniture.


Decide if you want to match your sofa to the other furniture in your living room or choose a contrasting color to create visual interest. There are a multitude of colors and styles available for sofas, so you’re not limited when it comes to selection. If your living room style is sleek and modern, try a solid color for a clean appearance. Old-fashioned or rustic living rooms benefit from lodge and wildlife themes, while checkered and floral patterns do well in country homes.

When you’re ready to pick out the perfect sofa for your home, visit Cardi’s Furniture online or give us a call for more information on the styles and colors available to fit your personal style. Whether you’re in the MA and RI area or want to have a sofa shipped elsewhere, our furniture stores have what you’re looking for.


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