Designing a Bedroom Your Tween Won’t Grow to Hate

March 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

Include your tween when planning the new room

How to decorate a bedroom for someone teetering between childhood and young adulthood

Trying to please an adolescent may often feel like a futile task. Tweens, or youth between ages 10 and 13, are caught up in a hormonal turbulence that suddenly makes Dora the Explorer comforters seem childish and Ninja Turtles curtains a source of embarrassment. Here are some suggestions for working with your tween to create a bedroom that will still suit them in their teenage years.

1. Let Them Have Input

It may sound like common sense, but many parents have a difficult time watching their child transition from a totally dependent being to a person with their own tastes. Parents get to make all fashion choices for the first part of a child’s life, so it’s finally time to give your tween some input. Starting with a Pinterest search can be a great way to generate ideas. Take your child shopping and let them pick out things to adorn their walls and shelves. Investing a few dollars on posters is well worth giving your child a sense that their room is really theirs.

2. Give Them Some Privacy

Having bathed your child and changed their diapers for the first few years of life, you likely underestimate your tween’s growing need for privacy. You don’t have to install an internal lock; bed curtains can be sufficient to give a preteen a sense of privacy while still giving you access to their room.

3. Visit Furniture Stores Together

Good sleeping habits are more import to instill now than ever before. Beds should be only for sleeping, which means your tween will need a desk to do homework and something else to sit on while reading or playing video games. Since your new adolescent will likely want to invite friends over, the room needs to accommodate more than one person. Convertible furniture such as futons are ideal, but bean bag chairs are inexpensive and come in fun colors that can add personality to a room. Teens collect more stuff as they get older, so extra shelving is also a must.

4. Make It Easy to Clean

Everyone knows that babies and toddlers are messy, but tweens and teenagers are only slightly better. Kids have a tendency to spill things and not bother cleaning them up, which is why an area rug might be a good investment. Save the fancy furniture for a graduation present.

At Cardi’s Furniture, we understand the rapidly changing nature of tween and teen tastes. Parents in MA and RI can stop by one of our conveniently located furniture stores or visit our website for all the help they need in creating the ultimate tween bedroom.


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