Teaching Your Furniture to Play Nice

April 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

Reupholstered seats are a great way to tie a room together

Mismatched furniture can be a good thing

Mismatched furnishings don’t have to make your dining or living room look like a garage sale. House Beautiful Magazine calls furniture matching an “old rule” that readers should disregard. Business owners can even break this rule—some popular restaurants receive high praise for their stylishly mismatched furnishings. With a little time and effort, you can make dissimilar pieces look great together:

1. Add decor accents that feature the same colors as your furniture. For example, perhaps a room contains a dark green sofa and blue chairs. You could hang a picture of a lake and put up green curtains.

2. Use pillows to create smooth transitions from one color to the next. You can buy small couch cushions that match the colors or patterns on other pieces of furniture in a room.

3. Add a large rug that contains colors from every major furnishing in the room. You may also create this cohesive effect with the help of a multicolored quilt, tablecloth or wallpaper pattern.

4. If there’s nothing you can do to make the existing colors go together, it may be best to repaint your wooden furniture. Conserve paint by using the color of the room’s largest object.

5. Put attractive slipcovers on upholstered furniture that doesn’t match. This economical solution will also make your furnishings last longer and protect them from minor spills.

6. If you dislike slipcovers, a desirable alternative is to reupholster seats with matching materials. This option costs more, but it will add many years to the life of your furniture.

7. Install matching pulls on different cabinets, dressers and end tables. Try to choose a functional yet stylish handle that equally complements each piece of furniture in a particular room.

8. Place items on your furniture that match nearby colors. For instance, maybe you have a stained wooden desk and a black filing cabinet. Try putting a black organizer and mouse pad on the desk.

9. If they don’t match, consider replacing some of the chairs at your dining room table. It’s more important to have identical chairs than a matching table, and you can still use the old chairs in another room.

10. At times, it’s more realistic to emphasize the mismatched nature of a room than to cover it up. You might accomplish this by deliberately using many different colors and adding mismatched wall decorations.

When you take the time to carefully arrange, enhance and accessorize it, mismatched furniture can actually improve your home decor. It may help you create a more interesting style that looks fantastic for many years to come. If you need additional furnishings to tie a room together, contact one of the design experts at Cardi’s Furniture, or stop by one of our 20 full-service furniture stores in MA and RI.


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