The Secret to Caring for Leather Couches

April 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Few pieces spice up a room as well as a leather couch

When it comes to spicing up a room with style and drama, few things do the job as well as leather furniture. Obviously, anything this valuable demands the best of care. To ensure that your purchase remains in tip-top shape, here’s what you need to do.

Keep Your Leather Sofa Clean

With any leather couch, a regular wipe-down with a clean, dry cloth is best for routine maintenance. Concentrate on the crevices and less accessible areas, for this is where dust bunnies tend to congregate.

Vacuum Cracks and Crevices

Although most dust is easily removed with just a cloth, the same is not true of sand and other gritty substances that can actually damage the leather’s finish. When you’re vacuuming your room, take a few minutes with the crevice attachment to root these culprits out.

Never Use Water, Soaps or Solvents

Leather is not plastic, and water is not its friend. Although a quick once-over with a damp cloth may seem expedient, this quickie method is a definite no-no. Always use a cleaner especially made for leather. Never, ever resort to detergent, ammonia, cleaning sprays, bleach or furniture polish. These things can damage your upholstery beyond repair.

Condition Your Leather Couch Twice a Year

When leather dries out, it can develop cracks. Fortunately, a regular treatment with leather conditioner can prevent this. These creamy products buff easily into the upholstery and leave it looking rich and feeling soft.

Shield Your Sofa from Heat and Sunlight

Some things are as bad for leather as they are for your own skin. Either keep your sofa situated far from fireplaces and sunny windows or find a means of blocking their production of heat and sunlight before these offenders reach the couch.

Protect the Most Popular Areas

With any piece of furniture, certain family members are bound to choose a spot to call their own. Unfortunately, over time, the extra wear in these locations can mar the item’s appearance. To keep your leather sofa looking new, cover these spots with a heavy-duty throw that you can stash in a hurry when company comes to call.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Whether it lands there on purpose or by accident, anything not specifically made for leather will only do your sofa harm. Wipe up all spills quickly with a dry cloth, and if any discoloration remains behind, resist the temptation to reach for a damp sponge. That will only make matters worse. Instead, keep a leather cleaner handy for such emergencies.

Take Advice from Those Who Know

Your leather couch will always be the centerpiece of your living room decor, and a little extra care will help it shine. Residents of MA and RI can always trust Cardi’s Furniture stores for the best advice in maintaining the elegant appearance of their furniture pieces for years to come.


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