Furniture That Does More: Storage Pieces with Other Purposes

April 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

Consider pieces that serve double duty as storage

No matter if you live in a small loft or a sprawling ranch house, keeping your space clutter-free and well organized helps you enjoy true comfort in your home. If staying organized is a challenge, you’ve likely spent hours upon end browsing organizing blogs and looking for storage solutions that will meet your demands. As you shop, don’t forget that many furniture pieces designed primarily for storage have purposes above and beyond those for which they were intended. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to tackle your storage troubles and maintain a great atmosphere in your home.

Exploring Your Storage Furniture Options

Many of the storage pieces found in furniture stores today have long been decorator staples. China cabinets and buffet tables, for example, are pieces designed to be used in the dining room that can have great applications all over your home. Armoires and chests of drawers, typically found in the bedroom, are another storage furniture staple. Designed to hold clothing and linens, these pieces also have ample surface space to hold photos, toiletries and other personal items.

Storage furniture designed for use in the office can also do double duty in the home. Bookcases and filing cabinets provide a great deal of storage space with some surface space for smaller items. When shopping for storage furniture, be sure to pick well-made pieces constructed from durable materials. Because these pieces will be filling more than one role in your home, it’s essential that they can stand up to some wear and tear.

Making the Most of Double-Duty Pieces

Of course, you’ll get more out of double-duty furnishings when you think outside the box. You can use a china cabinet to store linens in your hallway or a tall bookcase to hold shoes and accessories in your closet.

Consider using a buffet or server in your foyer to hold keys and household items such as stationery, pens and children’s school supplies.

Filing cabinets are one piece of double-duty furniture simply too good to overlook. Use them to store sewing and art supplies in your craft room. Replace one of your living room end tables with a filing cabinet so that you can stash phone books, newspapers and magazines. Remember to stick with furnishings in the same general styles and colors as your existing pieces for the best results.

There’s no need to stick with traditional ideas of where furniture belongs when you decorate your own home. If you need help finding the right storage furniture for your space, Cardi’s Furniture can help. We provide the best in furniture and decor guidance to clients throughout MA and RI.


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