Turning a Child’s Room into a Teen’s Room

June 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Whimsical themes make decorating a young child’s room pure delight. Indeed, with all the time, effort and planning you put into the selection of just the right items, you want this décor to last for several years. Generally, it does. Yet while you still may be enthralled by the whimsy of it all, the older your child gets, the less enchanted he or she becomes with the prospect of continuing to live in it. That’s when you know it’s time to turn that child’s room into a teen’s room.

Transforming the room is really just a matter of updating colors and accessories to acknowledge your child’s growth and maturity. Unlike that initial decorating foray, this one needs to involve your child. Teens have definite ideas on the colors and styles that they like and a secure knowledge of what’s fashionable. That’s why your child should be your first source of information.

To begin, a simple and truly transformative change is paint. Inexpensive and easy to apply, paint can change a room from baby-colored pastels or vivid primary colors to a more grown-up version in subtle shades of the same colors. Let your child select his or her favorite color, and then cover the walls in that hue.

New window treatments and bed linens are a great next step. Relinquishing the childhood characters and symbols for those that are decidedly more in keeping with their newly acquired young-adult status, teens can select linens in patterns and combinations that reflect their personalities, aspirations and interests. It’s an area where their creativity can have free reign as these are such easy items to change at will. Adding a playful trim, a hand painted design or any other embellishment that capture’s your child’s eye will incorporate the child’s design aesthetic while making the room a more personal space for them to live in. Just try to ensure that the colors of the bed linens and window treatments coordinate with each other as well as with the paint selections.

Of course, the basic furniture need not change at all. You may simply want to add a couple of new pieces such as a comfy chair for lounging, a bookcase or desk for school work, and maybe even a dressing table for that young lady who spends a bit more time gazing into the mirror than she once did. For personalized assistance in the New England area, Cardi’s Furniture offers design help along with a vast array of furniture that every teen will enjoy. Stop by one of our conveniently located showrooms today, or browse our inventory online.


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