Dining Table Solutions for Small Spaces

June 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Decorating small rooms calls for creativity. Sure, you’ll often hear that smaller rooms need light colors and small furniture, but why settle for following bland rules when you can create a spectacular presentation by breaking them? A case in point is the dining room. Whether you have a corner in a studio apartment, a dining nook in your kitchen or a cozy little dining room in an equally snug home, you can create a fabulous look that lives much larger than its size simply by making the right selections.

First, consider the table. While a rectangle may be the usual choice for a dining room table, think beyond the ordinary. Giving the room the illusion of greater space, a round table is a nice counterpoint to the straight lines of walls and floors. This shape also accommodates the surprise extra guest quite easily.

For an even more spacious feel, try a drop-leaf table. Although drop-leaf tables come in many different styles and shapes, they all have side panels that collapse when not in use and instantly shorten the length of the table. The big advantage here is versatility. With the leaves down, the table can become a side table, a serving table or even a bistro table just for two. Raise the leaves, and you have a more expansive, inviting surface for dinner parties.

You might also consider a table with removal leaves. Created to expand for the seating of extra people and to contract at other times, this table can do double duty as a card table or game table. Taking innovation a bit further, you might also use this table without the leaves as a workspace, effectively turning your dining room into an office as needed.

The table you select for your dining room has to work for the ways you use that room, accommodate your entertainment habits, and most importantly of all, reflect your personal design aesthetic. Whatever appeals to you is what’s right. It all begins with the table.

Are you unsure of where to begin? For more tips on decorating small dining rooms, stop by one of the Cardi’s Furniture showrooms in MA or RI. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will use their decorating expertise to help you navigate our impressive variety of dining furniture and make the absolute most out of your space. You can also browse our inventory online.



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