The Fastest Makeover Around: Using Sensational Sectionals to Rearrange Your World

June 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

Sectionals give you a variety of options when arranging furniture

Making over a room in a few minutes might seem like a mere fantasy, but some furniture pieces are so flexible that they allow homeowners to create totally new looks in practically no time at all. Among the most versatile of all furnishings are sectionals, which provide the convenience of multiple couches in matched pairs or sets. When you choose a sectional for your home, you’re enjoying the ultimate in decor flexibility.

Expand Decor Possibilities With Sectionals

For many homeowners, sectionals might seem too large or bulky to be convenient. However, sectionals provide for great seating possibilities whether you rent a small apartment or own a sprawling estate in MA and RI. Sectionals can be used to create seating space without making your rooms appear small, making them one of the most space-efficient furniture choices around.

Sectionals do a lot more than just offer seating. They also provide an easy way to structure a room. For a large living room, sectionals can be used to define separate seating areas or to create an adults-only space. For more compact spaces, sectionals can be used to demarcate boundaries between open spaces such as the living room and dining room. Of course, these types of couches are also ideal for homeowners who are working with small spaces but enjoy entertaining.

How to Use Sectionals in Any Space

There’s a big difference between looking at designs with sectionals in furniture stores and actually translating these designs to your own home. When it comes to using sectionals in your space, deciding what effect you want to create is essential to understanding how you can use sectionals. Before you start moving your sectionals around, take time to sketch out a plan. Remember that it’s never necessary to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.

If you’d like to create the appearance of a larger space, try moving sectionals back towards walls and minimize space between the various pieces. It’s also essential to stick to simple, geometric layouts for sectional pieces in smaller areas. If you’d like to create separate areas within one larger space, use the sectional and coordinate it with side tables to create a square or rectangular seating area. For a gallery atmosphere, scatter sectional pieces around a larger space at diagonal angles.

Creating successful home designs with sectionals means choosing high-quality furnishings suited to your personal sense of style. The design-savvy pros at Cardi’s Furniture know how to help every shopper find striking, versatile furnishings. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right sectional for your home. Contact us today.


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