Entertaining IQ: Raise the Bar on Home Décor

June 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

Bars are great functional and stylish pieces for entertaining guests

Once an essential in stylish new homes, the wet bar is no longer a standard part of every floor plan. While you might not have one in your house right now, a bar can substantially increase the entertainment value of your space while providing extra storage. Choosing a wet bar and coordinating stools or chairs is a great way to bring something new to your home without breaking the bank.

Raising the Bar in Your Home

Renovating an unused wet bar in your home or installing a new wet bar can provide an easy way to make over a kitchen or entertaining area by adding a piece to your home that’s fun and useful. Because wet bars are incredibly functional, you can get use out of one even if you don’t plan to serve alcoholic drinks from it. Completing a wet bar area with a sink and small refrigerator makes serving drinks and small food items to dinner and party guests a breeze.

The Right Bar, the Right Place

If you’ve decided that you’d like to add a wet bar to your home or make over your current bar area, you’re likely tempted to head right out to your local furniture stores and start shopping. Before you check out all the wet bars to be found in MA and RI, take some time to decide where and how you’ll use a bar. Picking a location is key because you’ll need to take precise measurements and decide what color paint or finish will best coordinate with your space.

After you’ve picked a location for your wet bar, take time to think of how you’ll arrange everything. You might want to back your bar up against a sink area to allow for easy washing of drink glasses. Perhaps you’d prefer to situate your bar against a wall and invite your guests to mix drinks for themselves. Choosing the right placement for your bar requires choosing a layout that will complement your current decor scheme without taking up too much space.

In addition to picking a striking bar, you should also think about seating. If you’re placing your wet bar in an area with a lot of open space, you might consider using bistro tables and chairs to add extra seating. If you’re focused on saving space while adding function, either go without chairs or opt for barstools. In addition to adding seating for parties, barstools and wet bars can also double as a fun breakfast or brunch spot.

A wet bar can add functionality and entertainment value to any home. Explore your wet bar options today when you stop by and chat with the friendly, decor-wise professionals at Cardi’s. Contact us today.


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