Taking Your Cat Nap in Style

June 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

A guide to the best in snooze-friendly furniture

The endless functionality of daybeds makes them the perfect addition to any room

Where do you head when the day starts to drag on and you desperately need to nap for 20 minutes? Daybeds, futons and sleeper sofas all offer comfortable sleeping space for those times when a quick catnap is all you require to replenish your energy reserves.


The biggest advantage of a daybed is that it can be used as is. There’s nothing to unfold or pull out, so the mattress is in one piece with no bumpy spots from being scrunched up inside the furniture. You don’t have to worry about allowing for extra space unless you choose a daybed with a trundle option that rolls out from under the main seat to expand the sleeping area. When you’re not napping, daybeds are great couches. Dual functionality makes them a good choice for small spaces, and styles ranging from rugged to contemporary harmonize with any type of decor.


Another way to add both a couch and a bed to a small space is to bring in a futon. Futons are perfect for teen and young adult bedrooms since they offer a place to sit, sleep or simply hang out. You can also stick one in your living room to add seating and sleeping space. The best thing about futons, though, is their versatility. Some slide out to become full- or queen-sized beds, while others fold down at the ends to create a twin bed.

Sleeper Sofas

Unlike daybeds and futons, sleeper sofas are couches first and beds second. However, that doesn’t make the bed any less useful or comfortable. A sleeper sofa is the perfect solution when you need space for guests but don’t have a dedicated guest room. All you have to do when you have visitors is pull out the bed, make it up with a comfortable bedding set and add a few pillows. In the morning, it goes right back to being a couch. This versatility also saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase a separate sofa and guest bed. Modern sleeper sofas look just like regular sofas and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Whichever of these furniture pieces you choose for your home, you can find just the right design to fit your needs at Cardi’s. Visit our website or, if you’re in the MA and RI area, come check out our furniture stores for a selection of the best beds to support your sleep, accommodate guests or give your home a touch of modern style.


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