The Fastest Makeover Around: Using Sensational Sectionals to Rearrange Your World

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Sectionals give you a variety of options when arranging furniture

Making over a room in a few minutes might seem like a mere fantasy, but some furniture pieces are so flexible that they allow homeowners to create totally new looks in practically no time at all. Among the most versatile of all furnishings are sectionals, which provide the convenience of multiple couches in matched pairs or sets. When you choose a sectional for your home, you’re enjoying the ultimate in decor flexibility.

Expand Decor Possibilities With Sectionals

For many homeowners, sectionals might seem too large or bulky to be convenient. However, sectionals provide for great seating possibilities whether you rent a small apartment or own a sprawling estate in MA and RI. Sectionals can be used to create seating space without making your rooms appear small, making them one of the most space-efficient furniture choices around.

Sectionals do a lot more than just offer seating. They also provide an easy way to structure a room. For a large living room, sectionals can be used to define separate seating areas or to create an adults-only space. For more compact spaces, sectionals can be used to demarcate boundaries between open spaces such as the living room and dining room. Of course, these types of couches are also ideal for homeowners who are working with small spaces but enjoy entertaining.

How to Use Sectionals in Any Space

There’s a big difference between looking at designs with sectionals in furniture stores and actually translating these designs to your own home. When it comes to using sectionals in your space, deciding what effect you want to create is essential to understanding how you can use sectionals. Before you start moving your sectionals around, take time to sketch out a plan. Remember that it’s never necessary to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.

If you’d like to create the appearance of a larger space, try moving sectionals back towards walls and minimize space between the various pieces. It’s also essential to stick to simple, geometric layouts for sectional pieces in smaller areas. If you’d like to create separate areas within one larger space, use the sectional and coordinate it with side tables to create a square or rectangular seating area. For a gallery atmosphere, scatter sectional pieces around a larger space at diagonal angles.

Creating successful home designs with sectionals means choosing high-quality furnishings suited to your personal sense of style. The design-savvy pros at Cardi’s Furniture know how to help every shopper find striking, versatile furnishings. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right sectional for your home. Contact us today.


Furniture That Does More: Storage Pieces with Other Purposes

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Consider pieces that serve double duty as storage

No matter if you live in a small loft or a sprawling ranch house, keeping your space clutter-free and well organized helps you enjoy true comfort in your home. If staying organized is a challenge, you’ve likely spent hours upon end browsing organizing blogs and looking for storage solutions that will meet your demands. As you shop, don’t forget that many furniture pieces designed primarily for storage have purposes above and beyond those for which they were intended. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to tackle your storage troubles and maintain a great atmosphere in your home.

Exploring Your Storage Furniture Options

Many of the storage pieces found in furniture stores today have long been decorator staples. China cabinets and buffet tables, for example, are pieces designed to be used in the dining room that can have great applications all over your home. Armoires and chests of drawers, typically found in the bedroom, are another storage furniture staple. Designed to hold clothing and linens, these pieces also have ample surface space to hold photos, toiletries and other personal items.

Storage furniture designed for use in the office can also do double duty in the home. Bookcases and filing cabinets provide a great deal of storage space with some surface space for smaller items. When shopping for storage furniture, be sure to pick well-made pieces constructed from durable materials. Because these pieces will be filling more than one role in your home, it’s essential that they can stand up to some wear and tear.

Making the Most of Double-Duty Pieces

Of course, you’ll get more out of double-duty furnishings when you think outside the box. You can use a china cabinet to store linens in your hallway or a tall bookcase to hold shoes and accessories in your closet.

Consider using a buffet or server in your foyer to hold keys and household items such as stationery, pens and children’s school supplies.

Filing cabinets are one piece of double-duty furniture simply too good to overlook. Use them to store sewing and art supplies in your craft room. Replace one of your living room end tables with a filing cabinet so that you can stash phone books, newspapers and magazines. Remember to stick with furnishings in the same general styles and colors as your existing pieces for the best results.

There’s no need to stick with traditional ideas of where furniture belongs when you decorate your own home. If you need help finding the right storage furniture for your space, Cardi’s Furniture can help. We provide the best in furniture and decor guidance to clients throughout MA and RI.

Get Rid of That Retro Recliner

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Today's recliners come in many different styles

Bring your living room into the 21st century

The recliner has been around since 1850, according to an article published by Age UK. These early recliners were multi-purpose pieces of furniture that could convert to a chaise lounge and bed as well as provide comfortable seating. Although they were functional and durable, they weren’t all that easy to operate, and you probably wouldn’t want one of them in your living room. Although these models are (for the most part) a thing of the living-room past, you might be surprised to learn that yours is only marginally better.

If you take a look around newly decorated homes in MA and RI, you’ll notice that today’s recliners come in many different styles. You’ll find recliners that look like regular wingback chairs, hi-leg models that resemble armchairs and larger models that will seat two comfortably. You can find a recliner to match any decorating theme, including mission, contemporary and early American.

Modern rockers do a lot more than just recline. You can find ones that swivel, rock or glide. Lift chairs, once available only through medical supply stores, have arrived in furniture stores and are an excellent alternative to a traditional rocker for anyone who has difficulty rising from a standard chair. Although the seat doesn’t elevate, power recliners, which operate with just the push of a button, are another option if you’re looking for ease of operation.

Another bonus is that with the new space-saving models, you don’t have to dedicate wasted space just to own a recliner; many models can be placed as close to the wall as a regular chair. You can also find recliners that are much smaller than the ones designed in the last quarter of the 20th century. Many of the new styles take up no more room than an armchair.

You won’t be limited to the upholstery that your grandmother loved, either. You can go with bold geometric prints, muted solids or sophisticated paisleys. Leather is still a popular option for recliners, but so are the new easy-care cotton blends. Color choices abound, regardless of the style or fabric desired.

If you’re still living with a beast of a recliner, it’s time to check out all the new styles and options available at Cardi’s Furniture. You’re sure to find the perfect recliner to bring your room up to date at one of our conveniently located furniture stores. You can also browse our online inventory for more ideas.

Designing a Bedroom Your Tween Won’t Grow to Hate

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Include your tween when planning the new room

How to decorate a bedroom for someone teetering between childhood and young adulthood

Trying to please an adolescent may often feel like a futile task. Tweens, or youth between ages 10 and 13, are caught up in a hormonal turbulence that suddenly makes Dora the Explorer comforters seem childish and Ninja Turtles curtains a source of embarrassment. Here are some suggestions for working with your tween to create a bedroom that will still suit them in their teenage years.

1. Let Them Have Input

It may sound like common sense, but many parents have a difficult time watching their child transition from a totally dependent being to a person with their own tastes. Parents get to make all fashion choices for the first part of a child’s life, so it’s finally time to give your tween some input. Starting with a Pinterest search can be a great way to generate ideas. Take your child shopping and let them pick out things to adorn their walls and shelves. Investing a few dollars on posters is well worth giving your child a sense that their room is really theirs.

2. Give Them Some Privacy

Having bathed your child and changed their diapers for the first few years of life, you likely underestimate your tween’s growing need for privacy. You don’t have to install an internal lock; bed curtains can be sufficient to give a preteen a sense of privacy while still giving you access to their room.

3. Visit Furniture Stores Together

Good sleeping habits are more import to instill now than ever before. Beds should be only for sleeping, which means your tween will need a desk to do homework and something else to sit on while reading or playing video games. Since your new adolescent will likely want to invite friends over, the room needs to accommodate more than one person. Convertible furniture such as futons are ideal, but bean bag chairs are inexpensive and come in fun colors that can add personality to a room. Teens collect more stuff as they get older, so extra shelving is also a must.

4. Make It Easy to Clean

Everyone knows that babies and toddlers are messy, but tweens and teenagers are only slightly better. Kids have a tendency to spill things and not bother cleaning them up, which is why an area rug might be a good investment. Save the fancy furniture for a graduation present.

At Cardi’s Furniture, we understand the rapidly changing nature of tween and teen tastes. Parents in MA and RI can stop by one of our conveniently located furniture stores or visit our website for all the help they need in creating the ultimate tween bedroom.

Find the Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room

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living room furniture, furniture stores ma and ri

Sofas are often the central piece of furniture in living room setups. Choosing the perfect one for your home is a matter of personal preference, but there are several factors to consider beyond basic appearance. Keep these tips in mind as you shop and you’ll have no trouble finding a beautiful sofa that meets your needs.


The sofa that you choose has to fit the space available in your living room. Before starting your search, measure the area where you plan to put the sofa. Consider other furniture that you might want to add or arrange around it. Leave space for end tables, a coffee table, chairs and decorative accents so you can set up your living room just the way you like. Since sofas come in many shapes and sizes ranging from cozy two-seaters to expansive sectionals, it’s easy to find one that works in your living area.


A sofa is a big investment, so you want to be sure that the model you’re looking at is designed to deliver lasting comfort. The frame should be solidly built from reliable materials that remain sturdy over time. Try out different types of cushions fill to determine which makes you feel the most at home. Options cover the spectrum from squishy, soft seats that look broken in, to firm modern sofas with sleek designs.


Your living environment has an impact on the fabric you choose for your sofa. If you have pets and kids, go for something durable that can take a beating while retaining its original appearance. Take texture into consideration as well. A fabric that looks beautiful might feel rough or scratchy and detract from the sofa’s comfort. Whichever covering you choose, make sure you know how to clean it should anything accidentally spill on your new furniture.


Decide if you want to match your sofa to the other furniture in your living room or choose a contrasting color to create visual interest. There are a multitude of colors and styles available for sofas, so you’re not limited when it comes to selection. If your living room style is sleek and modern, try a solid color for a clean appearance. Old-fashioned or rustic living rooms benefit from lodge and wildlife themes, while checkered and floral patterns do well in country homes.

When you’re ready to pick out the perfect sofa for your home, visit Cardi’s Furniture online or give us a call for more information on the styles and colors available to fit your personal style. Whether you’re in the MA and RI area or want to have a sofa shipped elsewhere, our furniture stores have what you’re looking for.

Hostel for the Holidays

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sleeper ottoman ma and ri

If you’ve ever crashed on a friend’s couch, you know that it takes some rearranging for a host to accommodate a guest. In homes with no guest bedroom, providing guests with a sleeping area without overly disrupting household routines takes some creativity. However, clever selection of the right furniture pieces will create a pop-up bedroom that will make your guests feel truly welcome in your home.

Old Standards: Sleepers and Futons

Sofas and loveseats that pull out to convert into a full or queen-size bed are old-time favorites for hosts who have limited room and an abundance of friends and family. The foldout beds are easy to prepare at night, and the living area is just as easily restored in the daytime. Make sure to sleep-test the bed occasionally to make sure that it’s comfortable, as the springs and hinges tend to suffer from constant use.

As an alternative, futons are springless and convert to a bed when you slide the backrest to a horizontal position. Fluff up the mattress component, make the bed and create an instant sleeping area.

The ottoman or trunk that goes with your living room set should be one that can store pillows and bedding during the day. Give your guests some room to unpack by clearing the hallway closet. Provide hangers, shelves and baskets so that your guests can lay out their personal items.

A New Take on Ottoman Sleepers

Furniture designers have added an innovative twist on convertible living room furniture. Like standard sleepers, a twin or full-size bed is hidden inside the ottoman, which may do double duty as a coffee table. You might also consider incorporating a four-panel decorative screen into your room design so your guests have some additional privacy.

Furniture Stores Have the Answers

If you’ve dodged your cousins’ overtures to come for a visit because you don’t have room to put them up, you’re passing up on golden opportunities to bond, show off your hosting skills and coax a reciprocal invitation. In MA and RI, consult a furniture specialist at Cardi’s Furniture to see the latest in convertible furniture and storage options.

5 Ways to Design a Childproof Living Room That’s Still Grown-Up

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living room furniture ma and ri

As a parent, safety for your children is always a top priority. This doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to live in a stylish home, however. Luckily, there are a few great ways to childproof your living area while still making it look great.

1. Invest in Softer Furniture

Sharp edges and hard furniture is dangerous for little ones who aren’t quite stable or confident on their feet yet, so it’s best to opt for softer furniture when you can. For example, you can try trading in your coffee table for a nice, soft ottoman; then, you don’t have to worry about your kids falling and hitting their heads, and you can enjoy a unique yet stylish look.

2. Display Decorative Pieces Up High

With a little one in the house, it isn’t easy to display your favorite knick-knacks on your end tables anymore. Instead, opt for displaying these items on high shelves and other places where your kids can’t get to them. Not only will this help keep both your child and possessions safe, but it will also add height to your room and can look very trendy and attractive.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

Arranging furniture the right way can keep your kids safe while also looking nice. For example, placing a piece alongside your love seat or sofa can make it difficult for your little one to crawl behind the couch or get tangled up in the wires that go to your lamps.

4. Cover Up Your Sofa and Love Seat

Spills, accidents and stains are inevitable when you have children in the house, but that doesn’t mean that your upholstered furniture has to be ruined. Consider looking for furniture pieces that have removable slipcovers that you can wash regularly to get rid of dirt and stains. It’s also a good idea to find a beautiful blanket, throw or slipcover that you can put over your furniture; if you use the right fabric and pattern, you can make a fashion statement while also protecting your favorite pieces.

For new furniture purchases, make sure you receive a protection program—especially if there are kids or pets in the household. At Cardi’s, we offer a Pure Protection plan that ensures the condition of your furnishings. Read more here.

5. Use Rugs the Right Way

Rugs can make a nice decorative accent in your home and can also help protect your children from falling and hurting themselves, but it’s important to use them the right way. Make sure that you use a mat underneath or that you choose a very thick and heavy rug to keep slipping and tripping to a minimum.

These are just a few great ideas for making your home safe for your kids and attractive at the same time. If you live near MA and RI, you can count on Cardi’s Furniture for all of your living room needs. You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety anymore: Our furniture stores have a variety of beautiful pieces for every room in your home. Visit our website or come see us at one of our locations.

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