Teaching Your Furniture to Play Nice

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Reupholstered seats are a great way to tie a room together

Mismatched furniture can be a good thing

Mismatched furnishings don’t have to make your dining or living room look like a garage sale. House Beautiful Magazine calls furniture matching an “old rule” that readers should disregard. Business owners can even break this rule—some popular restaurants receive high praise for their stylishly mismatched furnishings. With a little time and effort, you can make dissimilar pieces look great together:

1. Add decor accents that feature the same colors as your furniture. For example, perhaps a room contains a dark green sofa and blue chairs. You could hang a picture of a lake and put up green curtains.

2. Use pillows to create smooth transitions from one color to the next. You can buy small couch cushions that match the colors or patterns on other pieces of furniture in a room.

3. Add a large rug that contains colors from every major furnishing in the room. You may also create this cohesive effect with the help of a multicolored quilt, tablecloth or wallpaper pattern.

4. If there’s nothing you can do to make the existing colors go together, it may be best to repaint your wooden furniture. Conserve paint by using the color of the room’s largest object.

5. Put attractive slipcovers on upholstered furniture that doesn’t match. This economical solution will also make your furnishings last longer and protect them from minor spills.

6. If you dislike slipcovers, a desirable alternative is to reupholster seats with matching materials. This option costs more, but it will add many years to the life of your furniture.

7. Install matching pulls on different cabinets, dressers and end tables. Try to choose a functional yet stylish handle that equally complements each piece of furniture in a particular room.

8. Place items on your furniture that match nearby colors. For instance, maybe you have a stained wooden desk and a black filing cabinet. Try putting a black organizer and mouse pad on the desk.

9. If they don’t match, consider replacing some of the chairs at your dining room table. It’s more important to have identical chairs than a matching table, and you can still use the old chairs in another room.

10. At times, it’s more realistic to emphasize the mismatched nature of a room than to cover it up. You might accomplish this by deliberately using many different colors and adding mismatched wall decorations.

When you take the time to carefully arrange, enhance and accessorize it, mismatched furniture can actually improve your home decor. It may help you create a more interesting style that looks fantastic for many years to come. If you need additional furnishings to tie a room together, contact one of the design experts at Cardi’s Furniture, or stop by one of our 20 full-service furniture stores in MA and RI.


Indispensable Items for Any Recreation Room

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Comfortable seating is essential for rec rooms

It’s no secret that the rec room is the heart of every home. From hosting awesome dinner parties in the summer to wasting entire winter weekends getting cozy with your DVD collection, it’s where you’ll make your best memories with people who matter the most. Whether you’re replacing outdated furniture or building a new design from scratch, put the essentials below on your must-have list to create the ultimate rec room in any space.

Comfortable Seating

Chances are that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your new rec room, so you need to make it comfortable for the whole family. Since bigger pieces set the theme, create your overall design around the style of your seating furniture. Recliners, sectionals and couches with built-in chaise lounges are all great choices for rec rooms. Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to bring food and drinks into the room on a regular basis, so be sure to choose durable fabrics that can be easily cleaned.


While the rec room is meant to be functional, it doesn’t have to lack style. To make the space feel uniquely yours, add décor pieces that reflect your taste and personality. Play with colors, wall art and light fixtures. With easy access to online furniture stores, you can find a wide selection of affordable home accents in all styles. If you’re having trouble getting started, get some inspiration with 35 gorgeous family room designs from House Beautiful magazine.


Games are a hit with friends and family members and a real home highlight for the young at heart. The great thing about buying gaming equipment is that you can go as expensive or cheap as you want without giving up a single degree of the future fun factor. If you have a lot of space and want your home to be the center of attention, go for the big buys like pool tables, golf simulators and arcade games. For a more budget-friendly makeover, stick with classic favorites like dart boards, folding poker tables, chess boards and game consoles. For more ideas, check out HGTV’s original game room catalogs.

Home Entertainment System

If you’re a huge fan of going to the movies, recreate the big-screen experience at home with an oversized flat-screen television and theater-style seating. Complete your rec room’s transformation from a boring space into a high-tech home theater with a surround sound system.

With multiple locations throughout MA and RI, Cardi’s furniture stores are your one-stop shop for all things home. Have any questions about interior design? Contact us directly or head to our homepage to get more advice and see the latest furniture styles.

Find the Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room

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living room furniture, furniture stores ma and ri

Sofas are often the central piece of furniture in living room setups. Choosing the perfect one for your home is a matter of personal preference, but there are several factors to consider beyond basic appearance. Keep these tips in mind as you shop and you’ll have no trouble finding a beautiful sofa that meets your needs.


The sofa that you choose has to fit the space available in your living room. Before starting your search, measure the area where you plan to put the sofa. Consider other furniture that you might want to add or arrange around it. Leave space for end tables, a coffee table, chairs and decorative accents so you can set up your living room just the way you like. Since sofas come in many shapes and sizes ranging from cozy two-seaters to expansive sectionals, it’s easy to find one that works in your living area.


A sofa is a big investment, so you want to be sure that the model you’re looking at is designed to deliver lasting comfort. The frame should be solidly built from reliable materials that remain sturdy over time. Try out different types of cushions fill to determine which makes you feel the most at home. Options cover the spectrum from squishy, soft seats that look broken in, to firm modern sofas with sleek designs.


Your living environment has an impact on the fabric you choose for your sofa. If you have pets and kids, go for something durable that can take a beating while retaining its original appearance. Take texture into consideration as well. A fabric that looks beautiful might feel rough or scratchy and detract from the sofa’s comfort. Whichever covering you choose, make sure you know how to clean it should anything accidentally spill on your new furniture.


Decide if you want to match your sofa to the other furniture in your living room or choose a contrasting color to create visual interest. There are a multitude of colors and styles available for sofas, so you’re not limited when it comes to selection. If your living room style is sleek and modern, try a solid color for a clean appearance. Old-fashioned or rustic living rooms benefit from lodge and wildlife themes, while checkered and floral patterns do well in country homes.

When you’re ready to pick out the perfect sofa for your home, visit Cardi’s Furniture online or give us a call for more information on the styles and colors available to fit your personal style. Whether you’re in the MA and RI area or want to have a sofa shipped elsewhere, our furniture stores have what you’re looking for.

Don’t Let the Sun—Or Your Sunroom—Catch You Crying

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Make the most of your sunroom with a fresh redesign

It’s sad and oxymoronic that many sunrooms rarely see the light of day. These spaces are usually smaller and less defined than other rooms in the house, which often stumps homeowners. Luckily, modern design has started to include sunrooms not just as superfluous perks but as integral parts of a home’s layout, which means there are a lot more ideas than there used to be about how to design them. If you have a sunroom, it’s time to start giving it the attention it deserves.

If you’re going to take another look at your old sunroom, you should start with the basics. Make sure it has good windows that are properly installed, and that the room is well insulated. The beauty of the extra sunlight will be more difficult to appreciate if your heating and cooling costs soar because of old and poorly finished windows.

Once you’re sure that your sunroom is up to snuff, start thinking about what you want to use it for. Sunrooms have become a lot more versatile in recent years. Maybe you want to use your sunroom as a living room. Maybe you’d like to use it as an office or a private library. You may also prefer to use it as a dining room or even a bedroom. No matter what your preference may be, it’s important to identify this purpose upfront in order to make all the correct design and style choices.

Once you’ve figured out what you want to use the room for, it’s time to start decorating. You may want to define your style based on pieces you already have, but if you’ve got room in the budget, this is a great time to indulge. You might want a country-chic getaway with rustic furniture and wide-plank wood floors. You could try an airy, nautical theme with white-washed finishes and billowing draperies. You can express your style with furniture, paint, flooring and accessories. The options are endless.

With so many choices, designing a sunroom from scratch can be a little overwhelming. If you want to start working through your ideas, check out our homepage or contact us directly. At Cardi’s Furniture, we’re proud to be regarded as one of the best furniture stores for communities in MA and RI. Let our inventory and expertise shed a little light on your sunroom today.

A Bookcase Display as a Great Focal Point

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bookcases, furniture ma, furniture ri

Developing focal points within various rooms of the house does not have to be an overly difficult experience. In fact, with an elegant bookshelf that has been carved from majestic pine, cherry, oak or maple, you can establish decorative themes that will give the room a whole new feel. While bookshelves are most often used simply to display books, they can also hold a number of decorative items that will add warmth and character to their surroundings. Here are some accessory items that will stand out admirably when they are placed on shelves.

Vases and Pottery

Most bookshelves can be made especially elegant with nicely positioned vases and pottery pieces. While empty vases that are made of glass or plastic are perfectly fine, you may want to jazz up the area by adding roses, tulips, violets and daisies. You might also want to add some handcrafted Native American pottery pieces to the shelves. Most authentic pottery items use brilliantly colored clay, which will look great in the living room.

Literary Classics

Although scruffy books should not be made the center pieces of the room, there’s certainly no harm in showcasing literary classics that are in immaculate shape. Many publishing companies print classic literature collections that are designed to stand out. If you happen to love Charles Dickens and Leo Tolstoy, for example, you might buy gold-plated hardbound copies of their most important titles. These works can be placed on miniature display stands so that people can see you’ve got great taste.

Figurines and Other Crafts

Items that have been passed down through the generations might also work well. Tiny ballerina figurines, for example, will look great on any bookshelf. If you happen to be an animal lover, you might purchase animal figurines. One of your shelves can be entirely dedicated to ceramic art. By choosing items that are colorful and radiant, you’ll be able to craft a decorative showpiece that will be the primary attraction in the room. Breakable items should be set back from the edge so they aren’t accidentally knocked to the floor by wrestling kids or playful dogs.

Family Photos

Never underestimate the power of family photos. If you’ve recently taken a fantastic vacation to Disney World or Las Vegas, for example, you might set up a couple of pictures of your family for everyone to see. Consider buying frames with floral patterns for extra elegance. If you’re aiming to make people laugh, you can sprinkle in some family portraits where each person is making a funny face.

If you’re searching for reputable furniture stores in MA and RI, give us a call at Cardi’s Furniture. We can set you up with decorative items that will transform your home in no time.

A Home Office that Makes You Look Good

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office furniture ma, office furniture ri

Doing business from home requires a comfortable, professional office space. If you’re planning to meet with clients in your home office, there are a few things you should do to prepare the room so you can make a good impression.

Separate Home from Office

You might not mind stepping over the kids’ toys to get to your workspace, but leading clients through clutter is a recipe for disaster. What you see as normal may equate to chaos for people who aren’t familiar with your family. Your best bet is to use a room that’s close to your front door or one that can be accessed from a separate entrance. If you have a room that you don’t use very often, such as a guest room or formal dining room, consider converting that into your home office space.

Keep It Clean

Personal spaces are subject to all kinds of messes, including papers, unopened mail and reference books piling up on the desk or the floor. You don’t want to bring a client into the midst of this disorder. Before having any meetings, get your office in shape. File important papers, put books back on the shelves and make sure everything is in order. Don’t hesitate to throw out things you don’t need if it serves to clean up the space.

Have the Right Supplies

Nothing is more embarrassing than having to sprint out of the room in the middle of a client meeting to grab a pen or some paper from another part of the house. As you’re setting up your home office, make a list of all the basic supplies you’re likely to need and stock up on them. Pens, pencils, file folders and computer accessories such as printer ink are just a few supplies to consider.

Decorate for Comfort

A home office should be comfortable for you as well as the clients you entertain. On days when you’re not seeing anyone, you’re still going to be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk, working on the computer or slogging through paperwork. Check out local furniture stores in MA and RI for deals on desks, chairs and accessories to create an inviting work space. Also check your attic and garage for stored items that can enhance the office with color and light.

Reflect Your Brand Image

The office space you design should convey the image you want clients to associate with your business. What makes a brand distinctive is what gives it staying power. Try adding some quirky artwork if you’re a laid-back company or incorporate brainteaser puzzles into your desk decor for a “geek chic” look. The trick is to avoid a sterile environment, since this creates a stiff feeling that’s counterproductive for you and uncomfortable for your client.

At Cardi’s Furniture, we can help you get started with designing a professional face for your home office. Check out our website for inspiration.

How to Make the Most of Your Bedroom Space

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There are several easy to ways to create the illusion of space in your bedroom

A bedroom that’s too small, has a low ceiling or is an unconventional shape can pose problems when it comes to decorating. Learning how to work with the space you have available opens up your bedroom and makes it more comfortable.

Raise the Ceiling

Low ceilings make bedrooms feel cramped or cluttered even when they’re not. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make the ceiling appear higher. The first is to paint it a light color, preferably white, though the jury is still out on whether semi gloss or matte finish works better to create a feeling of height.

When painting or adding wallpaper to the walls, consider incorporating vertical stripes or another type of vertical pattern. Just like with clothing, vertical stripes in the bedroom give the appearance of height so the room feels more open.

Avoid hanging anything from a low ceiling, including light fixtures and fans. These take up valuable space in an already small area and make the ceiling seem too “close.” Instead, try placing pictures, photos and other artwork high on the walls to draw the eye upward.

Work with Angles

If your bedroom isn’t a standard square or rectangle, you can still work with the space you have. Find the central spot or focal point and arrange your furniture around it to create balanced patterns. For extreme angles or corners that form nooks, consider making that space a “room” of its own. Add a chair and bookshelf for a reading area or use it to display your favorite photographs on a decorative table. Be sure to choose small furniture to avoid dominating the room with any one piece.

Open Up Small Spaces

When working with a small space, you want to avoid dark colors, which absorb light and close the room in around you. Light colors reflect both natural and artificial illumination to create a sense of airiness. Choose soft tones such as cream, blue or green for paint or wallpaper and optimize sources of natural light to turn your small bedroom into a lofty space.

Mirrors are a great trick for opening up small rooms as well. Hanging a mirror on a bare wall instantly creates depth that wasn’t there before. Use one large mirror or a variety of mirrored surfaces to decorate the room and reflect light into every corner.

Doing a bedroom remodel means being able to find furniture stores that have the items you’re looking for. If you’re in the MA or RI area, stop by Cardi’s to see our selection. You can also check out our website online for a comprehensive listing of furniture and accessories to beautify your small bedroom.

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