Teaching Your Furniture to Play Nice

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Reupholstered seats are a great way to tie a room together

Mismatched furniture can be a good thing

Mismatched furnishings don’t have to make your dining or living room look like a garage sale. House Beautiful Magazine calls furniture matching an “old rule” that readers should disregard. Business owners can even break this rule—some popular restaurants receive high praise for their stylishly mismatched furnishings. With a little time and effort, you can make dissimilar pieces look great together:

1. Add decor accents that feature the same colors as your furniture. For example, perhaps a room contains a dark green sofa and blue chairs. You could hang a picture of a lake and put up green curtains.

2. Use pillows to create smooth transitions from one color to the next. You can buy small couch cushions that match the colors or patterns on other pieces of furniture in a room.

3. Add a large rug that contains colors from every major furnishing in the room. You may also create this cohesive effect with the help of a multicolored quilt, tablecloth or wallpaper pattern.

4. If there’s nothing you can do to make the existing colors go together, it may be best to repaint your wooden furniture. Conserve paint by using the color of the room’s largest object.

5. Put attractive slipcovers on upholstered furniture that doesn’t match. This economical solution will also make your furnishings last longer and protect them from minor spills.

6. If you dislike slipcovers, a desirable alternative is to reupholster seats with matching materials. This option costs more, but it will add many years to the life of your furniture.

7. Install matching pulls on different cabinets, dressers and end tables. Try to choose a functional yet stylish handle that equally complements each piece of furniture in a particular room.

8. Place items on your furniture that match nearby colors. For instance, maybe you have a stained wooden desk and a black filing cabinet. Try putting a black organizer and mouse pad on the desk.

9. If they don’t match, consider replacing some of the chairs at your dining room table. It’s more important to have identical chairs than a matching table, and you can still use the old chairs in another room.

10. At times, it’s more realistic to emphasize the mismatched nature of a room than to cover it up. You might accomplish this by deliberately using many different colors and adding mismatched wall decorations.

When you take the time to carefully arrange, enhance and accessorize it, mismatched furniture can actually improve your home decor. It may help you create a more interesting style that looks fantastic for many years to come. If you need additional furnishings to tie a room together, contact one of the design experts at Cardi’s Furniture, or stop by one of our 20 full-service furniture stores in MA and RI.


Indispensable Items for Any Recreation Room

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Comfortable seating is essential for rec rooms

It’s no secret that the rec room is the heart of every home. From hosting awesome dinner parties in the summer to wasting entire winter weekends getting cozy with your DVD collection, it’s where you’ll make your best memories with people who matter the most. Whether you’re replacing outdated furniture or building a new design from scratch, put the essentials below on your must-have list to create the ultimate rec room in any space.

Comfortable Seating

Chances are that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your new rec room, so you need to make it comfortable for the whole family. Since bigger pieces set the theme, create your overall design around the style of your seating furniture. Recliners, sectionals and couches with built-in chaise lounges are all great choices for rec rooms. Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to bring food and drinks into the room on a regular basis, so be sure to choose durable fabrics that can be easily cleaned.


While the rec room is meant to be functional, it doesn’t have to lack style. To make the space feel uniquely yours, add décor pieces that reflect your taste and personality. Play with colors, wall art and light fixtures. With easy access to online furniture stores, you can find a wide selection of affordable home accents in all styles. If you’re having trouble getting started, get some inspiration with 35 gorgeous family room designs from House Beautiful magazine.


Games are a hit with friends and family members and a real home highlight for the young at heart. The great thing about buying gaming equipment is that you can go as expensive or cheap as you want without giving up a single degree of the future fun factor. If you have a lot of space and want your home to be the center of attention, go for the big buys like pool tables, golf simulators and arcade games. For a more budget-friendly makeover, stick with classic favorites like dart boards, folding poker tables, chess boards and game consoles. For more ideas, check out HGTV’s original game room catalogs.

Home Entertainment System

If you’re a huge fan of going to the movies, recreate the big-screen experience at home with an oversized flat-screen television and theater-style seating. Complete your rec room’s transformation from a boring space into a high-tech home theater with a surround sound system.

With multiple locations throughout MA and RI, Cardi’s furniture stores are your one-stop shop for all things home. Have any questions about interior design? Contact us directly or head to our homepage to get more advice and see the latest furniture styles.

The Basement: From Dungeon to Sanctuary

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Basement renovations are perfect for would-be DIYers

Ideas for converting an unused space into your favorite room

The stairs creak. The door screams maniacally on its hinges when opened. The tiny windows are covered in dust, and the single ceiling light still leaves creepy shadows in every corner. No, it’s not the scene of a horror film. We’re talking about your basement!

There’s no need to be scared of your dark basement anymore. Instead, you can convert your dingy, barely used lower-level space into an office, entertainment room, or yoga and exercise room. No matter if you have just a small room or an entire open space, it’s less difficult than you might think to turn your basement into a sanctuary.

It may be tempting to call in professionals to morph your dungeon into the room you envision, but to save money and gain the pride that comes from doing the job yourself, the DIY route is the way to go. Additionally, a basement conversion project is a fun family activity, and the job will get done faster when you work together. Experts agree that the first step of your renovation is to ensure the entire space is dry before starting.

From there, it’s entirely up to you. If you’re converting your basement into an office or entertainment space, you’ll likely need additional electrical outlets. You’ll find many helpful videos online that will walk you through the electrical installation process. For the walls, depending on the climate, you can install insulation and cover it with drywall sheets or simply add new life to the drab grey walls with your favorite paint color.

When considering ideas for the basement floor, the DIY basement renovator has many choices that are easy to install. Snap-together bamboo flooring adds a rustic touch, or you can go retro with laminate squares in a black and white checkered pattern.

If your home’s lower level is now unrecognizable and you have an amazing but empty room where your dingy basement used to be, it’s time to visit furniture stores. An entertainment room won’t be complete without cushy seating. Your office space should have plenty of lighting from elegant floor and desk lamps. You could even consider adding a small bar table and tall stools in the corner of the room where you can unwind after a long day. The possibilities are endless in your new sanctuary!

To find a wide variety of furniture to complete your newly renovated basement space in MA and RI, from home theater seating to desks and bookcases, stop by our stores or browse our online selection.

Find the Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room

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living room furniture, furniture stores ma and ri

Sofas are often the central piece of furniture in living room setups. Choosing the perfect one for your home is a matter of personal preference, but there are several factors to consider beyond basic appearance. Keep these tips in mind as you shop and you’ll have no trouble finding a beautiful sofa that meets your needs.


The sofa that you choose has to fit the space available in your living room. Before starting your search, measure the area where you plan to put the sofa. Consider other furniture that you might want to add or arrange around it. Leave space for end tables, a coffee table, chairs and decorative accents so you can set up your living room just the way you like. Since sofas come in many shapes and sizes ranging from cozy two-seaters to expansive sectionals, it’s easy to find one that works in your living area.


A sofa is a big investment, so you want to be sure that the model you’re looking at is designed to deliver lasting comfort. The frame should be solidly built from reliable materials that remain sturdy over time. Try out different types of cushions fill to determine which makes you feel the most at home. Options cover the spectrum from squishy, soft seats that look broken in, to firm modern sofas with sleek designs.


Your living environment has an impact on the fabric you choose for your sofa. If you have pets and kids, go for something durable that can take a beating while retaining its original appearance. Take texture into consideration as well. A fabric that looks beautiful might feel rough or scratchy and detract from the sofa’s comfort. Whichever covering you choose, make sure you know how to clean it should anything accidentally spill on your new furniture.


Decide if you want to match your sofa to the other furniture in your living room or choose a contrasting color to create visual interest. There are a multitude of colors and styles available for sofas, so you’re not limited when it comes to selection. If your living room style is sleek and modern, try a solid color for a clean appearance. Old-fashioned or rustic living rooms benefit from lodge and wildlife themes, while checkered and floral patterns do well in country homes.

When you’re ready to pick out the perfect sofa for your home, visit Cardi’s Furniture online or give us a call for more information on the styles and colors available to fit your personal style. Whether you’re in the MA and RI area or want to have a sofa shipped elsewhere, our furniture stores have what you’re looking for.

Make Your Wood Furniture Last Forever

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bedroom furniture ma and ri

Wood furniture can make a gorgeous addition to any home, but can deteriorate without proper care. Here are a few maintenance tips for extending the life of your wood furniture and keeping it beautiful in the process:

Keep It Clean

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is one of the best things that you can do for your wood furniture. No matter how smooth the finish is, the surface is always rough enough to accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris. Regular dusting and an occasional cleaning with a slightly damp cloth will keep most furniture disasters at bay.

When you’re cleaning your furniture, you don’t need to use a very damp cloth. If you use too much water, it can damage your furniture over time. You can also use a mild soap product that’s approved for use on wood surfaces. After you finish wiping down the wood, use a new cloth to dry the surface.

If you want to give your furniture some extra protection, consider using a good wood polish. Read the labels or consult a furniture dealer to find out which polish is appropriate for your furniture’s finish.

Have a Protection Plan in Place

For new wood furniture purchases, make sure you receive a protection program. At Cardi’s, we offer a Pure Protection plan that ensures the condition of your furnishings. Read more here.

Keep It Stable

According to Keen to Clean, you can prolong the life of your wood by properly arranging your furniture. If your wood furniture is exposed to excessive direct sunlight or sources of extreme heat or cold, permanent damage may occur. You should try to put your precious wood furniture in an area of the home that has relatively low exposure to sunlight, heat, and cold.

Keep It Covered

Dining tables, night tables, and coffee tables are often the victims of normal wear and tear. A tablecloth, runner or decorative covering will protect the surface from stains, scratches, and rub marks.

If you plan to serve hot food on your table, you should always use a hot pad to protect your dining table from warm serving dishes. Additionally, placemats will protect the wood from heat, moisture, and other furniture hazards.

Contact us at Cardi’s Furniture if you have any questions about extending the life of your wood furniture. We are a family-owned business with several furniture stores in the MA and RI areas, as well as a wealth of experience when it comes to selecting and maintaining the perfect piece.

Hostel for the Holidays

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sleeper ottoman ma and ri

If you’ve ever crashed on a friend’s couch, you know that it takes some rearranging for a host to accommodate a guest. In homes with no guest bedroom, providing guests with a sleeping area without overly disrupting household routines takes some creativity. However, clever selection of the right furniture pieces will create a pop-up bedroom that will make your guests feel truly welcome in your home.

Old Standards: Sleepers and Futons

Sofas and loveseats that pull out to convert into a full or queen-size bed are old-time favorites for hosts who have limited room and an abundance of friends and family. The foldout beds are easy to prepare at night, and the living area is just as easily restored in the daytime. Make sure to sleep-test the bed occasionally to make sure that it’s comfortable, as the springs and hinges tend to suffer from constant use.

As an alternative, futons are springless and convert to a bed when you slide the backrest to a horizontal position. Fluff up the mattress component, make the bed and create an instant sleeping area.

The ottoman or trunk that goes with your living room set should be one that can store pillows and bedding during the day. Give your guests some room to unpack by clearing the hallway closet. Provide hangers, shelves and baskets so that your guests can lay out their personal items.

A New Take on Ottoman Sleepers

Furniture designers have added an innovative twist on convertible living room furniture. Like standard sleepers, a twin or full-size bed is hidden inside the ottoman, which may do double duty as a coffee table. You might also consider incorporating a four-panel decorative screen into your room design so your guests have some additional privacy.

Furniture Stores Have the Answers

If you’ve dodged your cousins’ overtures to come for a visit because you don’t have room to put them up, you’re passing up on golden opportunities to bond, show off your hosting skills and coax a reciprocal invitation. In MA and RI, consult a furniture specialist at Cardi’s Furniture to see the latest in convertible furniture and storage options.

5 Ways to Design a Childproof Living Room That’s Still Grown-Up

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living room furniture ma and ri

As a parent, safety for your children is always a top priority. This doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to live in a stylish home, however. Luckily, there are a few great ways to childproof your living area while still making it look great.

1. Invest in Softer Furniture

Sharp edges and hard furniture is dangerous for little ones who aren’t quite stable or confident on their feet yet, so it’s best to opt for softer furniture when you can. For example, you can try trading in your coffee table for a nice, soft ottoman; then, you don’t have to worry about your kids falling and hitting their heads, and you can enjoy a unique yet stylish look.

2. Display Decorative Pieces Up High

With a little one in the house, it isn’t easy to display your favorite knick-knacks on your end tables anymore. Instead, opt for displaying these items on high shelves and other places where your kids can’t get to them. Not only will this help keep both your child and possessions safe, but it will also add height to your room and can look very trendy and attractive.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

Arranging furniture the right way can keep your kids safe while also looking nice. For example, placing a piece alongside your love seat or sofa can make it difficult for your little one to crawl behind the couch or get tangled up in the wires that go to your lamps.

4. Cover Up Your Sofa and Love Seat

Spills, accidents and stains are inevitable when you have children in the house, but that doesn’t mean that your upholstered furniture has to be ruined. Consider looking for furniture pieces that have removable slipcovers that you can wash regularly to get rid of dirt and stains. It’s also a good idea to find a beautiful blanket, throw or slipcover that you can put over your furniture; if you use the right fabric and pattern, you can make a fashion statement while also protecting your favorite pieces.

For new furniture purchases, make sure you receive a protection program—especially if there are kids or pets in the household. At Cardi’s, we offer a Pure Protection plan that ensures the condition of your furnishings. Read more here.

5. Use Rugs the Right Way

Rugs can make a nice decorative accent in your home and can also help protect your children from falling and hurting themselves, but it’s important to use them the right way. Make sure that you use a mat underneath or that you choose a very thick and heavy rug to keep slipping and tripping to a minimum.

These are just a few great ideas for making your home safe for your kids and attractive at the same time. If you live near MA and RI, you can count on Cardi’s Furniture for all of your living room needs. You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety anymore: Our furniture stores have a variety of beautiful pieces for every room in your home. Visit our website or come see us at one of our locations.

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