An Interior Decorating service that’s affordable?

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It’s been a long-time in the works, but earlier this month we rolled out our newest service “Decorating Solutions” and the response so far has been tremendous!


Since 1928, customers have come in to our showroom and our extremely talented and knowledgable staff have worked with them to select the right furniture for their home and lifestyle – but 95% of the time we only worked with customers only in our showroom. Now, with Decorating Solutions, we can go to your home, office, beach house, or wherever!  W
e’ve simplified the entire process for you and makes it incredibly easy and affordable to work with one of our specialists!

Presently we have 3 Decorating Solutions specialists on staff:  Maria CapobiancoJennifer Ware, and Katie Zanzarov.  By clicking on their names you’ll see their page where you can contact them and also watch a video where you can get to know them!

jwgf_500408009_664x315Wether you’re on a strict budget trying to figure out just what you want to do, working with a small space or an entire house, Decorating Solutions will be able to help you create the home of your dreams. Our team can provide basic suggestions or complete floor plans with every detail attended to.

Explore our new Decorating Solutions program!

It’s your home… shouldn’t it be everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

ps – don’t miss our latest edition of Casa – See, Love, Shop!  It’s 58 pages of beauty and inspiration for your home.




Dining Table Solutions for Small Spaces

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dining furniture ma ri

Decorating small rooms calls for creativity. Sure, you’ll often hear that smaller rooms need light colors and small furniture, but why settle for following bland rules when you can create a spectacular presentation by breaking them? A case in point is the dining room. Whether you have a corner in a studio apartment, a dining nook in your kitchen or a cozy little dining room in an equally snug home, you can create a fabulous look that lives much larger than its size simply by making the right selections.

First, consider the table. While a rectangle may be the usual choice for a dining room table, think beyond the ordinary. Giving the room the illusion of greater space, a round table is a nice counterpoint to the straight lines of walls and floors. This shape also accommodates the surprise extra guest quite easily.

For an even more spacious feel, try a drop-leaf table. Although drop-leaf tables come in many different styles and shapes, they all have side panels that collapse when not in use and instantly shorten the length of the table. The big advantage here is versatility. With the leaves down, the table can become a side table, a serving table or even a bistro table just for two. Raise the leaves, and you have a more expansive, inviting surface for dinner parties.

You might also consider a table with removal leaves. Created to expand for the seating of extra people and to contract at other times, this table can do double duty as a card table or game table. Taking innovation a bit further, you might also use this table without the leaves as a workspace, effectively turning your dining room into an office as needed.

The table you select for your dining room has to work for the ways you use that room, accommodate your entertainment habits, and most importantly of all, reflect your personal design aesthetic. Whatever appeals to you is what’s right. It all begins with the table.

Are you unsure of where to begin? For more tips on decorating small dining rooms, stop by one of the Cardi’s Furniture showrooms in MA or RI. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will use their decorating expertise to help you navigate our impressive variety of dining furniture and make the absolute most out of your space. You can also browse our inventory online.

Turning a Child’s Room into a Teen’s Room

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bedroom furniture ma ri

Whimsical themes make decorating a young child’s room pure delight. Indeed, with all the time, effort and planning you put into the selection of just the right items, you want this décor to last for several years. Generally, it does. Yet while you still may be enthralled by the whimsy of it all, the older your child gets, the less enchanted he or she becomes with the prospect of continuing to live in it. That’s when you know it’s time to turn that child’s room into a teen’s room.

Transforming the room is really just a matter of updating colors and accessories to acknowledge your child’s growth and maturity. Unlike that initial decorating foray, this one needs to involve your child. Teens have definite ideas on the colors and styles that they like and a secure knowledge of what’s fashionable. That’s why your child should be your first source of information.

To begin, a simple and truly transformative change is paint. Inexpensive and easy to apply, paint can change a room from baby-colored pastels or vivid primary colors to a more grown-up version in subtle shades of the same colors. Let your child select his or her favorite color, and then cover the walls in that hue.

New window treatments and bed linens are a great next step. Relinquishing the childhood characters and symbols for those that are decidedly more in keeping with their newly acquired young-adult status, teens can select linens in patterns and combinations that reflect their personalities, aspirations and interests. It’s an area where their creativity can have free reign as these are such easy items to change at will. Adding a playful trim, a hand painted design or any other embellishment that capture’s your child’s eye will incorporate the child’s design aesthetic while making the room a more personal space for them to live in. Just try to ensure that the colors of the bed linens and window treatments coordinate with each other as well as with the paint selections.

Of course, the basic furniture need not change at all. You may simply want to add a couple of new pieces such as a comfy chair for lounging, a bookcase or desk for school work, and maybe even a dressing table for that young lady who spends a bit more time gazing into the mirror than she once did. For personalized assistance in the New England area, Cardi’s Furniture offers design help along with a vast array of furniture that every teen will enjoy. Stop by one of our conveniently located showrooms today, or browse our inventory online.

5 Ways to Design a Childproof Living Room That’s Still Grown-Up

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living room furniture ma and ri

As a parent, safety for your children is always a top priority. This doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to live in a stylish home, however. Luckily, there are a few great ways to childproof your living area while still making it look great.

1. Invest in Softer Furniture

Sharp edges and hard furniture is dangerous for little ones who aren’t quite stable or confident on their feet yet, so it’s best to opt for softer furniture when you can. For example, you can try trading in your coffee table for a nice, soft ottoman; then, you don’t have to worry about your kids falling and hitting their heads, and you can enjoy a unique yet stylish look.

2. Display Decorative Pieces Up High

With a little one in the house, it isn’t easy to display your favorite knick-knacks on your end tables anymore. Instead, opt for displaying these items on high shelves and other places where your kids can’t get to them. Not only will this help keep both your child and possessions safe, but it will also add height to your room and can look very trendy and attractive.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

Arranging furniture the right way can keep your kids safe while also looking nice. For example, placing a piece alongside your love seat or sofa can make it difficult for your little one to crawl behind the couch or get tangled up in the wires that go to your lamps.

4. Cover Up Your Sofa and Love Seat

Spills, accidents and stains are inevitable when you have children in the house, but that doesn’t mean that your upholstered furniture has to be ruined. Consider looking for furniture pieces that have removable slipcovers that you can wash regularly to get rid of dirt and stains. It’s also a good idea to find a beautiful blanket, throw or slipcover that you can put over your furniture; if you use the right fabric and pattern, you can make a fashion statement while also protecting your favorite pieces.

For new furniture purchases, make sure you receive a protection program—especially if there are kids or pets in the household. At Cardi’s, we offer a Pure Protection plan that ensures the condition of your furnishings. Read more here.

5. Use Rugs the Right Way

Rugs can make a nice decorative accent in your home and can also help protect your children from falling and hurting themselves, but it’s important to use them the right way. Make sure that you use a mat underneath or that you choose a very thick and heavy rug to keep slipping and tripping to a minimum.

These are just a few great ideas for making your home safe for your kids and attractive at the same time. If you live near MA and RI, you can count on Cardi’s Furniture for all of your living room needs. You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety anymore: Our furniture stores have a variety of beautiful pieces for every room in your home. Visit our website or come see us at one of our locations.

A Home Office that Makes You Look Good

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office furniture ma, office furniture ri

Doing business from home requires a comfortable, professional office space. If you’re planning to meet with clients in your home office, there are a few things you should do to prepare the room so you can make a good impression.

Separate Home from Office

You might not mind stepping over the kids’ toys to get to your workspace, but leading clients through clutter is a recipe for disaster. What you see as normal may equate to chaos for people who aren’t familiar with your family. Your best bet is to use a room that’s close to your front door or one that can be accessed from a separate entrance. If you have a room that you don’t use very often, such as a guest room or formal dining room, consider converting that into your home office space.

Keep It Clean

Personal spaces are subject to all kinds of messes, including papers, unopened mail and reference books piling up on the desk or the floor. You don’t want to bring a client into the midst of this disorder. Before having any meetings, get your office in shape. File important papers, put books back on the shelves and make sure everything is in order. Don’t hesitate to throw out things you don’t need if it serves to clean up the space.

Have the Right Supplies

Nothing is more embarrassing than having to sprint out of the room in the middle of a client meeting to grab a pen or some paper from another part of the house. As you’re setting up your home office, make a list of all the basic supplies you’re likely to need and stock up on them. Pens, pencils, file folders and computer accessories such as printer ink are just a few supplies to consider.

Decorate for Comfort

A home office should be comfortable for you as well as the clients you entertain. On days when you’re not seeing anyone, you’re still going to be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk, working on the computer or slogging through paperwork. Check out local furniture stores in MA and RI for deals on desks, chairs and accessories to create an inviting work space. Also check your attic and garage for stored items that can enhance the office with color and light.

Reflect Your Brand Image

The office space you design should convey the image you want clients to associate with your business. What makes a brand distinctive is what gives it staying power. Try adding some quirky artwork if you’re a laid-back company or incorporate brainteaser puzzles into your desk decor for a “geek chic” look. The trick is to avoid a sterile environment, since this creates a stiff feeling that’s counterproductive for you and uncomfortable for your client.

At Cardi’s Furniture, we can help you get started with designing a professional face for your home office. Check out our website for inspiration.

Shed Some Light on a Dim Office

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furniture stores in MA and RI, furniture stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

It’s hard to come up with bright ideas in a dimly-lit office. Small spaces, insufficient natural light and cluttered walls or surfaces can make your home office seem dark and unappealing. Lighten up your work space with these simple, affordable tips.

Cut back on clutter to make your office appear brighter. Get rid of old papers and other unnecessary items, and keep things neat in a mobile file cabinet designed to fit under your desk. Consider wall cabinets with translucent doors or bookcases in a birch veneer to further lighten your look.

Clunky furniture creates a heavy look in a small room. Pare down with a slimmer, sleeker desk-and-chair combination. Get inspired by, or make a purchase from, the collections at Cardi’s furniture stores in MA and RI. Choose a light shade for a truly brightening effect.

Add bright accent pieces to your desktop or walls to make the room vibrate with color. Red, orange and yellow add energy and light in small doses. Stick with splashes of primary hues in the form of light fixtures or desk accessories to avoid overwhelming the room with too much color.

Usher in natural light with white or ivory window treatments. Translucent light-filtering shades let you customize the amount of sunlight you allow in, while soft-colored curtains in a lightweight fabric look great secured with attractive tie-backs.

Reflective surfaces and metallics offer an affordable way to bring light into a dreary home office. Pick up a small wall mirror in a unique frame, or redo one wall of your office in mirrored tiles to enlarge and brighten your space. Find shimmering metallic accent pieces online or at local accessory/furniture outlets and position them opposite a window to reflect light that filters in from outdoors. This technique works great with mirrors as well, giving the illusion of an extra window.

Your choice of lighting can make a huge difference as well. Track lighting is a great option if it’s in the budget. It doesn’t take up valuable desktop or floor real estate, and it can prevent glare when properly positioned. Adjustable desk lamps are more affordable, and can be purchased in brushed nickel or other shimmering finishes.

The best overall strategy for creating a sense of lightness in your home office is to produce an open, uncluttered atmosphere and make sound color choices. Light reflective surfaces and proper lighting work wonders in a dark home office. For more inspiration, browse the Cardi’s website and visit our furniture stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Sectionals: Will They Work for You?

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furniture store in RI and MA, Rhode Island and Massachusetts furniture stores

When someone mentions sectional furniture, the first thought that usually comes to mind is a large L-shaped couch that takes up far too much space. While there are large sectionals designed to provide adequate seating for large families and gatherings, many sectionals can actually add space-saving elements to your living area.

Cardi’s Rhode Island and Massachusetts furniture stores carry a wide variety of styles to meet your design expectations. Here is a look at some advantages and disadvantages to help you determine whether or not sectional furniture will meet your needs.


  • Money saver. The cost of furniture can add up quickly, especially when attempting to fill your living room space. Multiple couches or chairs can quickly chip away at that budget. Sectionals offer functional space for a single cost rather than a few or more items with their own price tag.
  • Potential space saver. Sectionals are designed to take up only as much space as you want. While the few couches and chairs seem like the smarter idea for saving space, you will find that a sectional will give you just as much seating but without dead space between each piece of furniture. Another great space-saving function is a sectional’s ability to separate a living area from other areas by creating a natural “barrier.” Because of this barrier, sectionals can create cozy nooks in small spaces.
  • Versatility. The idea behind sectional furniture is to provide functionality through space saving design without losing appeal. However, the versatility of a sectional is second to none, giving you seemingly unlimited options for your rooms. With multiple types of sectionals like curved sectionals or squared, your space saving needs will be met with style.


  • Informal. Living room designs vary from modern to old world. Sectionals are usually modern pieces of furniture with functionality through space saving design. Some designs require a more formal look, something sectional furniture might not achieve for some people.
  • Assembly required. If a customer chooses delivery, our Cardi’s delivery staff will assemble the piece upon delivery. Fortunately, assembly isn’t required unless you decide to move the furniture after delivery.
  • Design. The lack of separation that you could otherwise have with a sofa, couch and chair can be unappealing to those looking for a more segregated design.

While sectionals may not be ideal for all spaces, they are overall more functional and versatile than other styles of furniture. Cardi’s Furniture Store in RI and MA are here to help you determine if sectional furniture is what you are looking for.

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