Turning a Child’s Room into a Teen’s Room

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Whimsical themes make decorating a young child’s room pure delight. Indeed, with all the time, effort and planning you put into the selection of just the right items, you want this décor to last for several years. Generally, it does. Yet while you still may be enthralled by the whimsy of it all, the older your child gets, the less enchanted he or she becomes with the prospect of continuing to live in it. That’s when you know it’s time to turn that child’s room into a teen’s room.

Transforming the room is really just a matter of updating colors and accessories to acknowledge your child’s growth and maturity. Unlike that initial decorating foray, this one needs to involve your child. Teens have definite ideas on the colors and styles that they like and a secure knowledge of what’s fashionable. That’s why your child should be your first source of information.

To begin, a simple and truly transformative change is paint. Inexpensive and easy to apply, paint can change a room from baby-colored pastels or vivid primary colors to a more grown-up version in subtle shades of the same colors. Let your child select his or her favorite color, and then cover the walls in that hue.

New window treatments and bed linens are a great next step. Relinquishing the childhood characters and symbols for those that are decidedly more in keeping with their newly acquired young-adult status, teens can select linens in patterns and combinations that reflect their personalities, aspirations and interests. It’s an area where their creativity can have free reign as these are such easy items to change at will. Adding a playful trim, a hand painted design or any other embellishment that capture’s your child’s eye will incorporate the child’s design aesthetic while making the room a more personal space for them to live in. Just try to ensure that the colors of the bed linens and window treatments coordinate with each other as well as with the paint selections.

Of course, the basic furniture need not change at all. You may simply want to add a couple of new pieces such as a comfy chair for lounging, a bookcase or desk for school work, and maybe even a dressing table for that young lady who spends a bit more time gazing into the mirror than she once did. For personalized assistance in the New England area, Cardi’s Furniture offers design help along with a vast array of furniture that every teen will enjoy. Stop by one of our conveniently located showrooms today, or browse our inventory online.


Furniture That Does More: Storage Pieces with Other Purposes

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Consider pieces that serve double duty as storage

No matter if you live in a small loft or a sprawling ranch house, keeping your space clutter-free and well organized helps you enjoy true comfort in your home. If staying organized is a challenge, you’ve likely spent hours upon end browsing organizing blogs and looking for storage solutions that will meet your demands. As you shop, don’t forget that many furniture pieces designed primarily for storage have purposes above and beyond those for which they were intended. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to tackle your storage troubles and maintain a great atmosphere in your home.

Exploring Your Storage Furniture Options

Many of the storage pieces found in furniture stores today have long been decorator staples. China cabinets and buffet tables, for example, are pieces designed to be used in the dining room that can have great applications all over your home. Armoires and chests of drawers, typically found in the bedroom, are another storage furniture staple. Designed to hold clothing and linens, these pieces also have ample surface space to hold photos, toiletries and other personal items.

Storage furniture designed for use in the office can also do double duty in the home. Bookcases and filing cabinets provide a great deal of storage space with some surface space for smaller items. When shopping for storage furniture, be sure to pick well-made pieces constructed from durable materials. Because these pieces will be filling more than one role in your home, it’s essential that they can stand up to some wear and tear.

Making the Most of Double-Duty Pieces

Of course, you’ll get more out of double-duty furnishings when you think outside the box. You can use a china cabinet to store linens in your hallway or a tall bookcase to hold shoes and accessories in your closet.

Consider using a buffet or server in your foyer to hold keys and household items such as stationery, pens and children’s school supplies.

Filing cabinets are one piece of double-duty furniture simply too good to overlook. Use them to store sewing and art supplies in your craft room. Replace one of your living room end tables with a filing cabinet so that you can stash phone books, newspapers and magazines. Remember to stick with furnishings in the same general styles and colors as your existing pieces for the best results.

There’s no need to stick with traditional ideas of where furniture belongs when you decorate your own home. If you need help finding the right storage furniture for your space, Cardi’s Furniture can help. We provide the best in furniture and decor guidance to clients throughout MA and RI.

The Secret to Caring for Leather Couches

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Few pieces spice up a room as well as a leather couch

When it comes to spicing up a room with style and drama, few things do the job as well as leather furniture. Obviously, anything this valuable demands the best of care. To ensure that your purchase remains in tip-top shape, here’s what you need to do.

Keep Your Leather Sofa Clean

With any leather couch, a regular wipe-down with a clean, dry cloth is best for routine maintenance. Concentrate on the crevices and less accessible areas, for this is where dust bunnies tend to congregate.

Vacuum Cracks and Crevices

Although most dust is easily removed with just a cloth, the same is not true of sand and other gritty substances that can actually damage the leather’s finish. When you’re vacuuming your room, take a few minutes with the crevice attachment to root these culprits out.

Never Use Water, Soaps or Solvents

Leather is not plastic, and water is not its friend. Although a quick once-over with a damp cloth may seem expedient, this quickie method is a definite no-no. Always use a cleaner especially made for leather. Never, ever resort to detergent, ammonia, cleaning sprays, bleach or furniture polish. These things can damage your upholstery beyond repair.

Condition Your Leather Couch Twice a Year

When leather dries out, it can develop cracks. Fortunately, a regular treatment with leather conditioner can prevent this. These creamy products buff easily into the upholstery and leave it looking rich and feeling soft.

Shield Your Sofa from Heat and Sunlight

Some things are as bad for leather as they are for your own skin. Either keep your sofa situated far from fireplaces and sunny windows or find a means of blocking their production of heat and sunlight before these offenders reach the couch.

Protect the Most Popular Areas

With any piece of furniture, certain family members are bound to choose a spot to call their own. Unfortunately, over time, the extra wear in these locations can mar the item’s appearance. To keep your leather sofa looking new, cover these spots with a heavy-duty throw that you can stash in a hurry when company comes to call.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Whether it lands there on purpose or by accident, anything not specifically made for leather will only do your sofa harm. Wipe up all spills quickly with a dry cloth, and if any discoloration remains behind, resist the temptation to reach for a damp sponge. That will only make matters worse. Instead, keep a leather cleaner handy for such emergencies.

Take Advice from Those Who Know

Your leather couch will always be the centerpiece of your living room decor, and a little extra care will help it shine. Residents of MA and RI can always trust Cardi’s Furniture stores for the best advice in maintaining the elegant appearance of their furniture pieces for years to come.

Get Rid of That Retro Recliner

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Today's recliners come in many different styles

Bring your living room into the 21st century

The recliner has been around since 1850, according to an article published by Age UK. These early recliners were multi-purpose pieces of furniture that could convert to a chaise lounge and bed as well as provide comfortable seating. Although they were functional and durable, they weren’t all that easy to operate, and you probably wouldn’t want one of them in your living room. Although these models are (for the most part) a thing of the living-room past, you might be surprised to learn that yours is only marginally better.

If you take a look around newly decorated homes in MA and RI, you’ll notice that today’s recliners come in many different styles. You’ll find recliners that look like regular wingback chairs, hi-leg models that resemble armchairs and larger models that will seat two comfortably. You can find a recliner to match any decorating theme, including mission, contemporary and early American.

Modern rockers do a lot more than just recline. You can find ones that swivel, rock or glide. Lift chairs, once available only through medical supply stores, have arrived in furniture stores and are an excellent alternative to a traditional rocker for anyone who has difficulty rising from a standard chair. Although the seat doesn’t elevate, power recliners, which operate with just the push of a button, are another option if you’re looking for ease of operation.

Another bonus is that with the new space-saving models, you don’t have to dedicate wasted space just to own a recliner; many models can be placed as close to the wall as a regular chair. You can also find recliners that are much smaller than the ones designed in the last quarter of the 20th century. Many of the new styles take up no more room than an armchair.

You won’t be limited to the upholstery that your grandmother loved, either. You can go with bold geometric prints, muted solids or sophisticated paisleys. Leather is still a popular option for recliners, but so are the new easy-care cotton blends. Color choices abound, regardless of the style or fabric desired.

If you’re still living with a beast of a recliner, it’s time to check out all the new styles and options available at Cardi’s Furniture. You’re sure to find the perfect recliner to bring your room up to date at one of our conveniently located furniture stores. You can also browse our online inventory for more ideas.

Teaching Your Furniture to Play Nice

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Reupholstered seats are a great way to tie a room together

Mismatched furniture can be a good thing

Mismatched furnishings don’t have to make your dining or living room look like a garage sale. House Beautiful Magazine calls furniture matching an “old rule” that readers should disregard. Business owners can even break this rule—some popular restaurants receive high praise for their stylishly mismatched furnishings. With a little time and effort, you can make dissimilar pieces look great together:

1. Add decor accents that feature the same colors as your furniture. For example, perhaps a room contains a dark green sofa and blue chairs. You could hang a picture of a lake and put up green curtains.

2. Use pillows to create smooth transitions from one color to the next. You can buy small couch cushions that match the colors or patterns on other pieces of furniture in a room.

3. Add a large rug that contains colors from every major furnishing in the room. You may also create this cohesive effect with the help of a multicolored quilt, tablecloth or wallpaper pattern.

4. If there’s nothing you can do to make the existing colors go together, it may be best to repaint your wooden furniture. Conserve paint by using the color of the room’s largest object.

5. Put attractive slipcovers on upholstered furniture that doesn’t match. This economical solution will also make your furnishings last longer and protect them from minor spills.

6. If you dislike slipcovers, a desirable alternative is to reupholster seats with matching materials. This option costs more, but it will add many years to the life of your furniture.

7. Install matching pulls on different cabinets, dressers and end tables. Try to choose a functional yet stylish handle that equally complements each piece of furniture in a particular room.

8. Place items on your furniture that match nearby colors. For instance, maybe you have a stained wooden desk and a black filing cabinet. Try putting a black organizer and mouse pad on the desk.

9. If they don’t match, consider replacing some of the chairs at your dining room table. It’s more important to have identical chairs than a matching table, and you can still use the old chairs in another room.

10. At times, it’s more realistic to emphasize the mismatched nature of a room than to cover it up. You might accomplish this by deliberately using many different colors and adding mismatched wall decorations.

When you take the time to carefully arrange, enhance and accessorize it, mismatched furniture can actually improve your home decor. It may help you create a more interesting style that looks fantastic for many years to come. If you need additional furnishings to tie a room together, contact one of the design experts at Cardi’s Furniture, or stop by one of our 20 full-service furniture stores in MA and RI.

Designing a Bedroom Your Tween Won’t Grow to Hate

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Include your tween when planning the new room

How to decorate a bedroom for someone teetering between childhood and young adulthood

Trying to please an adolescent may often feel like a futile task. Tweens, or youth between ages 10 and 13, are caught up in a hormonal turbulence that suddenly makes Dora the Explorer comforters seem childish and Ninja Turtles curtains a source of embarrassment. Here are some suggestions for working with your tween to create a bedroom that will still suit them in their teenage years.

1. Let Them Have Input

It may sound like common sense, but many parents have a difficult time watching their child transition from a totally dependent being to a person with their own tastes. Parents get to make all fashion choices for the first part of a child’s life, so it’s finally time to give your tween some input. Starting with a Pinterest search can be a great way to generate ideas. Take your child shopping and let them pick out things to adorn their walls and shelves. Investing a few dollars on posters is well worth giving your child a sense that their room is really theirs.

2. Give Them Some Privacy

Having bathed your child and changed their diapers for the first few years of life, you likely underestimate your tween’s growing need for privacy. You don’t have to install an internal lock; bed curtains can be sufficient to give a preteen a sense of privacy while still giving you access to their room.

3. Visit Furniture Stores Together

Good sleeping habits are more import to instill now than ever before. Beds should be only for sleeping, which means your tween will need a desk to do homework and something else to sit on while reading or playing video games. Since your new adolescent will likely want to invite friends over, the room needs to accommodate more than one person. Convertible furniture such as futons are ideal, but bean bag chairs are inexpensive and come in fun colors that can add personality to a room. Teens collect more stuff as they get older, so extra shelving is also a must.

4. Make It Easy to Clean

Everyone knows that babies and toddlers are messy, but tweens and teenagers are only slightly better. Kids have a tendency to spill things and not bother cleaning them up, which is why an area rug might be a good investment. Save the fancy furniture for a graduation present.

At Cardi’s Furniture, we understand the rapidly changing nature of tween and teen tastes. Parents in MA and RI can stop by one of our conveniently located furniture stores or visit our website for all the help they need in creating the ultimate tween bedroom.

Indispensable Items for Any Recreation Room

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Comfortable seating is essential for rec rooms

It’s no secret that the rec room is the heart of every home. From hosting awesome dinner parties in the summer to wasting entire winter weekends getting cozy with your DVD collection, it’s where you’ll make your best memories with people who matter the most. Whether you’re replacing outdated furniture or building a new design from scratch, put the essentials below on your must-have list to create the ultimate rec room in any space.

Comfortable Seating

Chances are that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your new rec room, so you need to make it comfortable for the whole family. Since bigger pieces set the theme, create your overall design around the style of your seating furniture. Recliners, sectionals and couches with built-in chaise lounges are all great choices for rec rooms. Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to bring food and drinks into the room on a regular basis, so be sure to choose durable fabrics that can be easily cleaned.


While the rec room is meant to be functional, it doesn’t have to lack style. To make the space feel uniquely yours, add décor pieces that reflect your taste and personality. Play with colors, wall art and light fixtures. With easy access to online furniture stores, you can find a wide selection of affordable home accents in all styles. If you’re having trouble getting started, get some inspiration with 35 gorgeous family room designs from House Beautiful magazine.


Games are a hit with friends and family members and a real home highlight for the young at heart. The great thing about buying gaming equipment is that you can go as expensive or cheap as you want without giving up a single degree of the future fun factor. If you have a lot of space and want your home to be the center of attention, go for the big buys like pool tables, golf simulators and arcade games. For a more budget-friendly makeover, stick with classic favorites like dart boards, folding poker tables, chess boards and game consoles. For more ideas, check out HGTV’s original game room catalogs.

Home Entertainment System

If you’re a huge fan of going to the movies, recreate the big-screen experience at home with an oversized flat-screen television and theater-style seating. Complete your rec room’s transformation from a boring space into a high-tech home theater with a surround sound system.

With multiple locations throughout MA and RI, Cardi’s furniture stores are your one-stop shop for all things home. Have any questions about interior design? Contact us directly or head to our homepage to get more advice and see the latest furniture styles.

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